Walking Posture Analysis

Chronic lower back pain is a difficult-to-manage problem. It may not simply be a problem localised to the spine but instead related to your walking posture or gait.

The spine at the low back region may appear normal under medical imaging such as MRIs but yet you experience pain. It could be from the continuous stress to your lower back from your walking posture.

Like sitting for too long or typing at the keyboard for too long in an incorrect position can cause Repetitve Stress Injuries (RSI) to your neck and wrist, incorrect muscle imbalances in the pelvic region, leg length descrepancies, improper foot pronation, knee mis-alignment can lead to chronic low back pain.

A range of studies puts the number of steps an average person takes each day from 3000 to over 5000 steps each day. That is over a million steps per year. It is not hard to imagine the amount of stress placed on your lower back.

With Walking Posture Analysis, it provides our physiotherapists with an insight into the stress factors that are affecting your lower back. From here, we have a better understanding on the areas to correct during your treatment period and the adjustments you need to make.

Walking Posture Analysis is available at our Orchard – International Building clinic.

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