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Treatment: SpineCor Physiotherapy

The SpineCor Physiotherapy Programme has been specially designed to complement the action of the SpineCor brace, a flexible dynamic brace designed for the treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis.

The programme reinforces the brace treatment principles with precise exercises. Each exercise is designed for each type of scoliosis curve, according to the specific spine deformation and postural disorganization of the patient.

How can physiotherapy help with idiopathic scoliosis?

Due to spinal deformation of the idiopathic curve, clients suffer from joint stiffness and muscles that are tight and weak. This leads to postural disorganization.

Hence, it is crucial to combine different aspects of therapy to address the neuro-musculoskeletal issues contributed by the abnormal curve as follow.

  1. SpineCor Rehabilitation – This is the main SpineCor rehabilitation component to support the use of the SpineCor brace. This comprises a specific set of corrective exercises targeted on different types of idiopathic scoliotic curve.
  2. Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy which encompasses manual therapy or manipulation to target issues arising from the joints and nerves, prescribe exercises to improve movements, stretching out tight muscles, as well as strengthen weak muscles. Last but not least, correcting posture is also an important aspect in physiotherapy to aid in idiopathic scoliosis condition.
  3. Clinical massage – Clinical massage therapy technique includes clinical massage techniques like myofascial treatments, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular trigger point technique, and muscle energy technique help to release tight muscles arising from reduced spinal mobility. This will improve the muscle function which contributes to the ability in achieving the corrective posture.

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