Treatment: Running Gait Analysis (RGA)

What causes poor running performance?

Poor running performance is usually caused by an inefficient running gait, poor running posture, muscle weakness or suboptimal footwear.

An inefficient running gait and posture wastes precious energy on moving you sideways or vertically instead of propelling you forward. Muscular imbalances result in inefficiencies in running performance as the stronger muscle is overcompensating for the weaker one. This can also result in overuse injuries over a prolonged period of time. Very often, runners are unaware of these inefficiencies and only begin to pick up hints when they experience soreness and pain.

How can one improve running performance?

By adopting a proper posture, strengthening core muscles and adopting a efficient running form that ensures energy is not wasted, one will be able to improve their timings. But how does one know what running form is optimal for them? The running form that works best for someone else may not necessarily be the most efficient for you. How does one uncover muscle imbalances? there simply is no one size fits all approach to managing running injuries and increasing running performance. This is where Running Gait Analysis comes in.

What is Running Gait Analysis?

Running Gait Analysis is a platform that assesses your running economy using Optogait’s optical sensors and video cameras which provides us with data to identify and correct your running inefficiencies.

The Optogait sensors attached to the treadmill during the analysis allows to record data in real time. This captures real time quantifiable data such as stride length, vertical displacement and steps per minute.

Video cameras placed strategically records body movement and running mechanics which enables us to spot movement inefficiencies such as overpronation and landing patterns.

Combining the analysis of the data and video captured with the Physiotherapist’s expert opinion, the Physiotherapist concludes the session with a sharing of his overall assessment and findings, and recommends the next course of action for the runner in order to correct the inefficiencies uncovered.

What does Running Gait Analysis comprise of?

During the session, the following parameters will be measured:

  1. Postural Assessment
  2. Muscle Strength and Flexibility
  3. Movement Mechanics
  4. Suitability of footwear

Once the biomechanical faults and inefficiencies are identified, our physiotherapist will devise an individualized rehabilitation programme for you to:

  • Optimize your performance,
  • Help you recover from your injury,
  • Prevent recurrence of your injury, and
  • Help you to achieve your running goals

Why Running Gait Analysis?

As compared to other running analysis offerings in the market, Running Gait Analysis is specific and accurate as the assessment is based on not only a Physiotherapist’s opinion, but also on data collected by Optogait sensors which cannot be assessed by the naked eye.

Running Gait Analysis (RGA) is the perfect platform to assess running form in real-time, identify any asymmetries and predisposing factors in an athlete’s running form and collecting detailed data regarding their running form. This allows us to gain insight on rebalancing their run to the most optimal state. It also serves as a way to visually and statistically display the athlete’s running form to them in a understandable manner. By providing education and increasing the understanding regarding their individual running form,  it empowers individuals to take charge of their performance/injury.

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