Xu Weijie, Senior Physiotherapist

Senior Physiotherapist - Profile

Weijie first came into contact with physiotherapy after two of his family members suffered fractures from falling. He decided to further his studies in physiotherapy to help others in similar situations. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin, Weijie joined Core Concepts to pursue his interest in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy.
An avid fan of calisthenics and street workout, Weijie loves engaging in bodyweight training. He finds joy in getting hands on experience and trying out new exercises. He also enjoys discussing methods and exchanging tips to improve his techniques.
Just as Weijie strives to achieve better skills and techniques in his training, he has high expectations for his own practice in physiotherapy. With a passion for growth, he will ensure high standards and deliver high quality care to his clients in aid of their recovery.


  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy, Nanyang Polytechnic

Areas of Interest

  • Spine conditions
  • Shoulder conditions