Jessie Yee, Senior Sports Massage Therapist

Senior Sports Massage Therapist - Profile

Jessie’s interest in massage stems from her frequent spa visits during the lifespan of her corporate career. Thanks to her desk-bound job that required long hours of sitting in front of the computer, she developed numerous aches and pains in her neck and shoulders. This led to her visiting a masseuse almost twice a week to relieve the aches in her body.

From there, Jessie started learning basic body massage techniques from an experienced spa therapist and her interest was piqued. She then went on to pursue additional certifications and has been actively pursuing this career path ever since.



  • Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy, Level 4 ITEC
  • Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy, Level 3 ITEC
  • Certificate in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Level 3 ITEC
  • Certificate in Combined Decongestion Therapy & Manual Lymph Drainage according to Dr Vodder, Level 1, 2 & 3
  • Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy, Scar Tissue & Adhesion
  • Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy, Structural Series 1 – 3