Sponsorship of Sparkies Floorball Club

Presenting the members of Sparkies Floorball Club

Core Concepts is proud of be the official Physiotherapy sponsor for Sparkies Floorball Club.

Joanne, their team leader shares more about Sparkies and their members:

“Sparkies Floorball Club is a newly formed club for those who seek a second lease of life in floorball. Sparkies consists of several ex national players who are now focused on floorball as an active lifestyle. We leverage on our many years of strong basic training to move floorball as a sport away from being solely competitive, but toward floorball as a sport for everyone!

Floorball currently consists of 4 public men’s leagues and 3 public women’s leagues, school competitions as well as corporate leagues. Floorball is played by people of all ages, from primary school students to working adults and over the past 13 years, has penetrated the very heart of the sporting scene. Floorball was prominently featured in this year’s SEA games, where Singapore clinched gold medals in both the men’s and women’s divisions.

Sparkies consists of players with ages ranging from 15 – 36, comprising of people such as a secondary school captain, ex national captain as well as the current national coach for the ladies’ team. We comprise people from all walks of life including people from the fields of psychiatry, marketing, optometry, hospitality, teaching, hawkers and the list goes on. Our diversity is our strength and we continue to bridge all differences with our common love for floorball.

Sparkies has played 2 games in the Women’s Division 3 League thus far, opening the season strong with a 16-1 win over Pei Hwa Phoenixes. We seek to continue onward from our position of strength.

With the support of Core Concepts Physiotherapy Group, we aim to promote overall wellness and healthy lifestyle in the floorball scene by setting an example of excellence and sportsmanship. We hope to increase the profile of floorball as a sport and to be a positive example to the upcoming generation of sportsmen!”