Pilates Exercises

As part of Functional Rehabilitation, Pilates addresses the underlying structural imbalances in the body that lead to chronic back pain.

pilates and physiotherapy

Principles of Pilates

Pilates is an exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates who originally called his work ‘contrology’. Other instructors have distilled six principles that build the foundation of every movement in Pilates and every standard must be present in each exercise throughout the entire workout.

Centering – Physically bringing the focus to the center of the body, the powerhouse area between the lower ribs and pubic bone.

Concentration – Bringing full attention to the exercise and doing it with full commitment.

Control – Doing every Pilates exercise with complete muscular control.

Precision – Sustaining awareness throughout each movement with the appropriate placement, alignment relative to other body parts, and trajectory for each part of the body.

Breath – Thinking of the lungs as a bellow, using them to strongly pump the air fully in and out of the body.

Flow – Doing the exercise with fluidity, grace, and ease are goals, connecting the energy in all body parts.

Pilates equipment such as the reformer, are very good mirrors of one’s flow and concentration as they tend to bang around and suddenly become quite “machine-like” if one loses ones control and flow.

Pilates Mat vs Reformer

Working against resistance is essential to the classic Pilates exercises, which are designed to train the body’s “powerhouse” – the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks.

You can accomplish that using either a mat where your own body weight creates resistance or a reformer where pulleys and springs create resistance. This resistance can provide a more challenging strength and endurance workout than mat classes, and may also produce visible results sooner.

Pilates after an Injury

The reformer is a great way to start exercising after an injury. The equipment offers varying levels of difficulty and combined with the fundamental principles of Pilates – precise movements performed in a safe way – will help you regain your strength and posture.

Workouts on a Pilates Reformer require your muscle groups to move through a full range of motion. Improved flexibility decreases strain and stress on your joints and muscles, and reduces stiffness, soreness and the chance of injury. The aim is to help you perform everyday movements with less strain and fatigue.

Pilates for Back Pain

If you have back injuries or muscular imbalance, Pilates is a great way to regain your strength. The focus on postural work during our classes will help your spinal alignment and continued practice will also help decrease the risk of future injuries.

In our Pilates classes, our instructors will also guide and teach you the awareness of movement habits that may stress the spine, and help you change these habits that preserve neutral alignment.

Pilates during Pregnancy

Incorporating Pilates during your pregnancy will help strengthen a woman’s core muscles, which can in turn help them prevent back pain and improve mobility.

A Pilates Reformer workout places emphasis on restoring the spine’s natural curves and on improving stability and mobility in the lumbo-pelvic region. Our Pilates instructors will help you focus on strengthening the thoracic extensors and lengthening the chest muscles to counteract the increased curves in the upper part of the back.

Breathe Pilates

We work exclusively with Breathe – the movement specialists, a leading Pilates centre to provide you with a holistic and wholesome approach to injury rehabilitation, muscle strengthening and fitness training.

Working hand in hand with our team of physiotherapists, Breathe specialises in Clinical Pilates which helps to rehabilitate old and new injuries as well as prevention of future injuries by correcting adverse bio-mechanical patterns.

Service offerings

Breathe offers a wide range of classes available for your selection according to your needs. Whether it is a private 1-on-1 class for injury recovery or a high intensity group class for more seasoned students seeking a challenge, there is definitely something for everyone.