Having Neck Pain? Stiff Neck Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Common Neck Pain Conditions that we treat

Here are some common conditions causing neck pain are degenerative disc disease, neck strain, osteoarthritis, cervical spondylosis, spinal stenosis, poor posture, neck injuries such as whiplash, a herniated disc, or a pinched nerve (cervical radiculopathy). Uncertain of your condition? Visit us for an assessment and we will help you figure it out. 

Physio giving client a neck accurate diagnosis

Treat Your Neck Pain Conditions Early.

Get Better and Stay Better.

It is important to seek medical advice from a physiotherapist to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Only after getting an accurate diagnosis, then will you be able to apply the appropriate treatment methods to resolve the pain. Instead of self-diagnosing and risking the chance of an inaccurate diagnosis, it would be better to consult with our physiotherapists.

Looking for neck pain relief?

You are not alone – Neck Pain affects 1 in 3 people around the world. With the increased usage of mobile devices in today’s modern society coupled with sedentary lifestyles, more people are suffering from neck pain than ever before.

If you’ve tried various methods for pain relief but can’t seem to find a lasting solution for your persistent neck pain – Core Concepts’ Physiotherapy Singapore may have your answer. Compared to other types of solutions such as painkillers and home remedies that only offer temporary pain relief, Physiotherapy can provide you with a permanent solution to your neck pain. This is because we do not only treat the symptoms, but we also fix the underlying cause of your pain.

What is Neck Pain Physiotherapy?

Core Concepts Physiotherapist doing an assessment on the client to accurately determine the cause of her neck pain condition.
Core Concepts Physiotherapist doing an assessment on the client to accurately determine the cause of her neck pain condition.

Physiotherapists are experts in human anatomy and are experts in matters relating to muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Neck Pain Physiotherapy aims to relieve pain and treat the condition through methods such as manual therapy, manipulation, and exercises. Physiotherapy does not involve any medication or surgery but our physiotherapists can refer you to a specialist and work closely with them if necessary.

Neck pain causes and complications, find out how to resolve your pain condition with physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Provides More than Just Immediate Pain Relief

Immediate Neck Pain Relief Solution- Getting Better

During your first session, your physiotherapist will run a thorough assessment to accurately determine the cause of your pain. Afterwhich, your physiotherapist will help to provide immediate pain relief through manual therapy or massage therapy by releasing tight knots or reducing the compression in your neck. This will ensure that you will walk out of our door in significantly less pain than when you first came to us.

Effective Neck Pain Relief

Here at Core Concepts Singapore, we practice a value-based healthcare system – where we aim to maximize your rehabilitation potential. Our goal is to get you feeling better at the soonest with as few sessions as possible. During your first session, your physiotherapist will also find out more about your treatment goals and develop a treatment plan that is suited to your needs.

Lasting Pain Relief – Staying Better

Instead of only fixing the obvious symptoms, we dive deeper to find out the root cause of your pain and work on resolving that as well to ensure that the pain does not return. Your treatment plan will also include fixing the root cause of your neck pain to ensure that it does not trigger neck pain for you again.

Get Better than Before

In some cases, we can maximise your rehab potential. Going beyond what you were capable of doing before the incident. For instance, stiffness in your neck could have made it difficult for you to perform simple daily tasks such as turning your head to check on your side mirror while driving. Physiotherapy can help you to perform such tasks better and with no discomfort.


Aloysius has been very patient, and thorough in helping me. Thanks to his efforts my shoulders, knee, neck problems are resolved.Definitely will recommend to friends who have such issues to go to him.
Winnie Yang siew pin
Winnie Yang siew pin
11:54 29 Oct 21
It’s v helpful. Cheryl knows the core problem of my neck stiff. One time I see her, straight away I feel much better.
Sandra Kurniawati Gani
Sandra Kurniawati Gani
03:48 16 Dec 19
Had been seeing Lynn for my neck and upper back pain problems which had plagued me for over a year. Cut long story short, the pain is gone and my quality of life has improved a lot. I appreciate that she explains to me why the pain happens which makes me a lot more conscious of my posture. I'm very happy with the results.
Chris Quek
Chris Quek
04:03 19 Oct 20
I worked extensively with Sylvia, one of her colleagues, and Carmelle the physical trainer. All of them displayed the highest level of professionalism. They also successfully diagnosed the cause of my neck, shoulder, and back pain and worked patiently with me over the course of several months to get rid of it.
Joshua Tan
Joshua Tan
23:51 28 May 21
I was having a bad neck pain for sometime and decided to try out Core Concepts.Physiotherapist Lynn and Charles were very detailed with their explanation of the diagnostic of my issue.I saw improvements with each therapy session, coupled with the bring home exercises taught by Lynn and Charles.I’m happy to report that I have greater mobility with my neck movements and no more tension headaches.Highly recommended to give Core Concepts a go. Reception staffs are friendly and professional as well.
Jean Tan
Jean Tan
09:20 24 Oct 21
I had an excellent sports massage by Wan Ling, which was very different from the usual massage I've tried elsewhere. Wan Ling skillfully and systematically loosened every muscle in my upper back and neck over the course of an hour. If anyone is seeking relief from tense muscles, I would highly recommend making an appointment with Wan Ling.
Rebecca Lim
Rebecca Lim
13:57 17 Oct 18

Core Concepts – Neck Pain Relief Specialists

Neck pain is more complicated than you think. Very often, the answer to what’s causing your pain is far deeper than what you expect. The spine is an intricate system that holds 33 bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. Your spine is also responsible for holding your body upright, supporting daily body movements like walking and moving around. It is important to note that your spine is not an isolated part of the body – it can be affected by other parts of the body as well.

The human anatomy is an interlinked system of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments that help you to perform your daily functions. Thus when one part of the body starts hurting, there is a possibility that the pain could be attributed to another part of the body. One simple movement such as raising your arm involves not only the arm but the entire body. For instance, if your shoulder is injured, it could result in neck pain as you will not be able to move your arm normally. This could result in additional pressure on the neck, causing neck strain or pain. Or vice-versa.

Neck Pain – A symptom, not a condition

Pain, like a fever, is a symptom and could be an indication of a multitude of problems. You could take medication to get rid of the fever, but without going to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis, you will be unable to find out the root cause of the fever. Without treating the root cause, the fever will likely return if your body is unable to heal itself. And the body has an amazing to heal and recover from a whole host of problems.

Likewise, pain is a symptom and you can temporarily relieve the pain through pain medication and hot compresses. However, without consulting a physiotherapist, you will not be able to find out the root cause of your pain and resolve it. And if your body cannot adequately heal itself, it often leads to chronic issues and long-term and deeper problems later on. Other times it doesn’t heal right like a broken bone not set properly. Your physiotherapist can help you do that.

The Thinking Physiotherapists

At Core Concepts, we understand the importance of diagnosing the root cause of the problem and treating that to prevent a recurrence. We are firm believers in ‘The Thinking Physiotherapist’ and acknowledge that pain is a symptom and has various layers. Our first step is to determine the root cause by digging deeper into the symptoms. We strip away the symptoms layer by layer to find out what is causing the pain. After determining the root cause, we resolve the multiple layers of pain you feel. Instead of just simply temporarily relieving your pain symptoms, we also aim to fix the underlying cause. From there, we work to ensure that your pain doesn’t return by making your body stronger and more functional.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Neck Pain

  1. Does my posture cause neck pain?

    Poor posture could result in neck strains such as when your head is held forward to view mobile devices. This is because your muscles are working overtime to keep your head in the forward position. As a result, your neck muscles would be more susceptible to painful strains and spasms

  2. What treatments are available for neck pain?

    Some of the treatments methods for neck pain that we employ are manual therapy and strengthening exercises. Your treatment plan will be determined by your therapist after conducting a full assessment of your condition. For more severe cases, surgery may be required. We can refer you to a specialist if required.

  3. What is causing my neck pain and how did I get it?

    There is a multitude of reasons that may have caused your neck pain. We can't determine the cause of your neck pain without a thorough assessment. The most common causes of neck pain are sleeping positions or working at a desk for too long. To get a clearer understanding of your neck pain, do consult a physiotherapist.

  4. What can I do to prevent neck pain?

    One of the common causes of neck pain is bad sleeping posture. A quick and efficient solution is to get a new pillow that keeps your cervical spine in neutral alignment. It would also be advised to adopt a good posture when using mobile devices or working at a desk.

  5. When should I see a physiotherapist for neck pain?

    Seeking a physiotherapist as early as possible would allow an efficient recovery period. However, you should seek a physiotherapist immediately if you have been experiencing neck pain that is severe. Also, if your movements are limited or if the pain gets worse while performing certain activities. At Core Concepts, we are dedicated to addressing your issues and getting you back to full activity.