Having Severe Knee Pain? Swelling or Stiff Knee Causes, Symptoms and Relief Treatment

Common Knee Pain Conditions that we treat

Here are some common conditions causing knee pain from injuries, mechanical problems, types of arthritis and other problems. Uncertain of your condition? Visit us for an assessment and we will help you figure it out. 

  • Knee Osteoarthritis is commonly known as wear-and-tear arthritis
  • ACL Injury is a tear or sprains of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear ( ACL Tear)
  • Fractures/ Knee Joint Pain
  • A torn meniscus is a tear in the cartilage of the knee
  • Swollen Knee or Knee bursitis is inflammation or irritation of one or more of the bursae in your knee
  • Patellar tendinitis is also known as Jumper’s Knee
  • Iliotibial Band Syndrome  (ITB) or (ITBS) is the most common cause of lateral knee pain (Runners Knee)
Physiotherapy for Knee Pain

Treat Your Knee Pain Conditions Early.

Get Better and Stay Better.

It is important to seek medical advice from a physiotherapist to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition. Only after getting an accurate diagnosis, then will you be able to apply the appropriate treatment methods to resolve the pain. Instead of self-diagnosing and risking the chance of an inaccurate diagnosis, it would be better to consult with our physiotherapists.

Experiencing knee pain that is preventing you from doing the things you love?

You are not alone – Knee Pain is a common ailment that affects people of all ages. The prevalence of knee pain increases among the elderly.

Knee pain could result from an injury such as a torn ligament or strained tendons. The likelihood of knee injuries increase if you participate in high impact sports that require jumping (eg: basketball) or sports that require sudden changes in direction of movement (eg: running, skiing, soccer)

The occurrence of knee pain increases among the elderly due to wear and tear of the knee joint and cartilage. Osteoarthritis, a degenerative knee condition is the most common cause of knee pain, affecting almost 40% of adults.

If you’ve tried various methods for Knee pain relief but can’t seem to find a lasting solution for your persistent knee pain – Core Concepts Singapore physiotherapy services may have your answer. Other types of solutions such as painkillers and home remedies that only offer temporary pain relief, Physiotherapy treatment can provide you with a permanent solution to your knee pain without medicine or surgery. This is because we do not only treat the symptoms, but we also fix the underlying cause of your pain.

What is Knee Pain Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists are experts in human anatomy and are experts in matters relating to muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Knee Pain Physiotherapy aims to relieve pain and treat the condition through methods such as manual therapy, massage therapy, manipulation and exercises. Physiotherapy does not involve any medication or surgery but our physiotherapists can refer you to a specialist and work closely with them if necessary.

knee pain treatment knee pain relief
Core Concepts Physiotherapist accurate diagnosis of Client Knee Pain condition.

Physiotherapy Provides More than Just Immediate Pain Relief

Immediate Knee Pain Relief – Getting Better

During your first session, your physiotherapist will run a thorough assessment to accurately determine the cause of your pain. Afterwhich, your physiotherapist will help to provide immediate pain relief through manual therapy, massage therapy by releasing tight knots or reducing the compression in your knee. This will ensure that you will walk out of our door in significantly less pain than when you first came to us.

Effective Knee Pain Relief

Here at Core Concepts Singapore, we practice a value-based healthcare system – where we aim to maximize your rehabilitation potential. Our goal is to get you feeling better at the soonest with as few sessions as possible. During your first session, your physiotherapist will also find out more about your treatment goals and develop a treatment plan that is suited to your needs.

Core Concept Physiotherapist Providing Knee Pain Relief Treatment for Client.

Lasting Pain Relief – Staying Better

Instead of only fixing the obvious symptoms, we dive deeper to find out the root cause of your pain and work on resolving that as well to ensure that the pain does not return. Your treatment plan will also include fixing the root cause of your knee pain to ensure that it does not trigger knee pain for you again.

Better than Before

In some cases, we can maximise your rehab potential. Going beyond what you were capable of doing before the incident. For instance, your knee pain could have only allowed you to walk for 500m or 10 minutes before needing to rest. Physiotherapy can help you to walk further with no discomfort.


I am working with Yiren on my knee after my ACL/MCL reconstruction and recovery has been good! He does a thorough job to assess my progress each session and challenges me to push myself to get to various milestones. He's extremely friendly and helpful despite my many questions. Thanks!
Yingling Huang
Yingling Huang
14:55 05 Jul 17
We have just completed about a 9-month physio treatment with Chye Tuan and Li Hoong. My athlete (mainly basketball and waterpolo) son was pretty severely injured at nearly every major joint (knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, elbows, etc.) - the type of injury you read about in the paper where the kid pushes himself too hard and then ends up getting injured and not being able to play sports ever again. We went to orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, multiple physical therapists, got MRIs, etc. - and it turned out to be really severe overuse - something that would not go away with a quick fix, surgery, medicine or month off. He kept getting re-injured, and meanwhile his entire body was in so much pain that he had to be pushed up the stairs or out of the car. He stooped over in pain. We decided that my son's health was too important to try to cut corners and went with Core Concepts because our rheumatologist said that they were a substantial cut above everyone else, very experienced and if we were serious about trying to salvage my son's athletic future, she would only recommend them. So we just finished a 9 month treatment with Core Concepts.I started out skeptical. However, immediately, during my first visit, I was impressed by how much Chye Tuan seemed to understand the nuances of being an athlete, the parts of the body used for different sports, how different movements translate into different types of health issues, etc. I appreciated that he really tried to understand my son's entire history and all of his issues - so what we did was completely customised to help him get better. It was not cookie cutter at all.Both Chye and Li Hoong "got" my son's competitive personality and his conflict and frustration with being injured repeatedly, wanting to play, and also wanting to heal for the long term. Both he and Li Hoong worked hard to re-build my son's strength and confidence in himself so that when he goes back into sports full time, he will know how to excel without re-injuring himself. Both Chye and Li Hoong build confidence and are personable as well. Obviously, a recuperation health effort such as this requires a lot of patience and an investment of time and money. In our case, we decided that this was the top priority for my son's physical and mental health - and we needed to get the best help we could.
Natalie Tarnopolsky
Natalie Tarnopolsky
20:43 01 Apr 21
I had a knee pain due to excessive walking. Visited Core Concepts and they very quickly and correctly identified the issue, as IlIotibial band syndrome. Solutions, both short and long term are very effective and worked for me. Thank you!
MY Kee
MY Kee
09:20 28 Feb 20
I did my rehabilitative physio at core concepts (raffle quay) following ACL reconstructive surgery on my knee. I would highly recommend the team at core concepts. They are all very professional, knowledgeable and caring. Special mention to my main physio, Yiru and my functional trainer Carmelle with whom I spent most time. But the whole team looked after me and made me feel like one of the core concepts family!
Connor Sexton
Connor Sexton
03:18 28 May 21
Very friendly and professional physiotherapist as well as receptionists within the clinic. Dr. Issac Wong is easy to approach and came up with alternative ways for me to strengthen my weak thigh muscles and it really helped in reducing my knee pain! Thanks 🙂
06:06 25 May 17
My physiotherapist Yiren is very patient and encouraging from the start. He communicates very well about my problem and how he is guiding me to strengthen the right muscles. I was also directed to Sufian who helped me to target stretching and strengthening exercises. He makes the exercise sessions fun and engaging. I am grateful that my right knee has improved tremendously and I got discharged today. Thanks Yiren and Sufian, and to all the helpful service staff at Core Concepts.
Joelyn Ong
Joelyn Ong
07:50 18 Mar 20
Before I came here, I was told that I need a knee surgery, but the doctor Samuel gave me a lot of hope to avoid that and working with Heng Li; I have made A LOT OF PROGRESS strengthening my knee, legs and upper body and it looks like I’ll be soon back to my working out routine at the gym!!!They both are very professional and they have been taking amazing care of me!!I highly recommend them and I also want to mention that the two ladies at the reception are really kind and helpful with every appointment and insurance matters!If you want to improve with a quality team, you should definitely come here to Core Concepts!
Yulia Fernández Marcos
Yulia Fernández Marcos
06:35 13 Mar 20
Samuel and Li Hoon has been taking care of me well.My knee is feeling much better now. Thank you:-)
Hermine Chan
Hermine Chan
07:10 18 Dec 19
After many different physio and massage sessions in different places, my experience with the core concepts team has been the best. I started seeing them for sports massage, and now for my knee rehab. The level of care and attention makes me want to do more for myself. Isn't this most important when one tend to slack off with the prescribed exercises?
YitKoon Gan
YitKoon Gan
02:05 10 Jun 17
Very friendly and professional physiotherapist as well as receptionists within the clinic. Dr. Issac Wong is easy to approach and came up with alternative ways for me to strengthen my weak thigh muscles and it really helped in reducing my knee pain! Thanks 🙂
Sam Costanza
Sam Costanza
06:06 25 May 17
I have been experiencing knee pains lately especially walking up and down the stairs. The pain was so bad that I was very concern. I chanced upon CoreConcept on FB and book an appointment with them at Camden Medical Centre. My therapist was Ken Liew, he is very professional and knowledgeable. He did a thorough job to assess my condition. To my surprise I felt immediate relieved on my knee after the first session with him! Amazing! Looking forward to my next session. 😊
Sandy Toh
Sandy Toh
07:10 12 Dec 17

Core Concepts – Knee Pain Relief Specialists

Knee pain is more complicated than you think. Very often, the answer to what’s causing your pain is far deeper than what you expect. It is important to note that your knee is not an isolated part of the body – it can be affected by other parts of the body as well.

The human anatomy is an interlinked system of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments that help you to perform your daily functions. Thus when one part of the body starts hurting, there is a possibility that the pain could be attributed to another part of the body. One simple movement such as taking a step forward involves not only the leg but also your hips and spine. For instance, if your hip is injured, it could result in knee pain as you will not be able to take steps normally. This could result in additional pressure on the knee, causing knee strain or pain. Or vice-versa.

Knee Pain – A symptom, not a condition

Pain, like a fever, is a symptom and could be an indication of a multitude of problems. You could take medication to get rid of the fever, but without going to the doctor to get a proper diagnosis, you will be unable to find out the root cause of the fever. Without treating the root cause, the fever will likely return if your body is unable to heal itself. And the body has an amazing to heal and recover from a whole host of problems.

Likewise, pain is a symptom and you can temporarily relieve the pain through pain medication and hot compresses. However, without consulting a physiotherapist, you will not be able to find out the root cause of your pain and resolve it. And if your body cannot adequately heal itself, it often leads to chronic issues and long-term and deeper problems later on. Other times it doesn’t heal right like a broken bone not set properly. Your physiotherapist can help you do that.

The Thinking Physiotherapists

At Core Concepts Singapore, we understand the importance of diagnosing the root cause of the problem and treating that to prevent a recurrence. We are firm believers in ‘The Thinking Physiotherapist’ and acknowledge that pain is a symptom and has various layers. Our first step is to determine the root cause by digging deeper into the symptoms. We strip away the symptoms layer by layer to find out what is causing the pain. After determining the root cause, we resolve the multiple layers of pain you feel. Instead of just simply temporarily relieving your pain symptoms, we also aim to fix the underlying cause. From there, we work to ensure that your pain doesn’t return by making your body stronger and more functional.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Knee Pain

  1. What is causing my knee pain and how did I get it?
    Knee Pain from Running and Cycling

    There are various causes of knee pain which we will be unable to identify without a proper assessment. However, the common causes of knee pain are injuries like an ACL injury. An ACL injury is when there is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament – 1 of the 4 ligaments that connect your shinbone to your thigh bone. At Core Concepts Singapore, our physiotherapist would diagnose the reason for your knee pain and prescribe the necessary treatment plan that would help recover you to full activity as quickly as possible.

  2. What treatments are available for knee pain?

    Some of the treatments methods for Knee pain that we employ are manual therapy, massage therapy and strengthening exercises. Your treatment plan will be determined by your physiotherapist after conducting a full diagnostic assessment of your knee pain condition. For more severe cases, surgery may be required. We can refer you to a specialist if required.

  3. When should I see a physiotherapist for knee pain?

    Seeking a physiotherapist as early as possible would allow an efficient recovery period. However, you should seek a physiotherapist immediately if you have been experiencing knee pain that is severe. Also, if your movements are limited or if the pain gets worse while performing certain activities such as walking or climbing the stairs. At Core Concepts, we are dedicated to addressing your issues and getting you back to full activity.

  4. What can I do to prevent knee pain?

    There are certain factors that increase your risk of knee pain without the presence of a sudden injury. Factors such as age, gender, being overweight and playing high impact sports. All these places additional stress on your knee joint, increasing your risk of knee pain. Stress on your knee joint causes the wear and tear of your knee cartilage – leading to knee pain. Women are also more prone to knee injuries due to estrogen hormones and lower bone density

    In order to prevent knee pain, one can make the choice to switch the frequency of high impact sports and participate in lower impact sports like swimming instead.