Knee and Ankle Care

As part of our lower limbs, knee and ankles are our primary means to move around from place to place and keep active. When they are in pain, this will bring an impact to our daily activities and affect our quality of life.

Knee Care

Knee Joint Pain Treatment SingaporeKnee and joint pain can be experienced by people of all age groups in Singapore. Pain in the knees can obstruct normal muscle function and compromise simple activities from climbing up the stairs to other aspects of daily life. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis of the root cause behind your knee and joint pain so as to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment.

Some of the common causes of knee pain include:

Ankle Care

Join Pain TreatmentAnkle pain could be felt as a dull ache or a sharp pain and its severity could range from a simple strain to a medical condition such as arthritis. Fortunately, ankle sprains account for up to 85% of ankle pain and injuries. Sprains occur when the ligaments get strained or torn from over-stretching and the common signs of a sprained ankle often include bruising and swelling.

Other common causes of ankle pain include:

Why is it important to see a physiotherapist?

It is highly advisable to seek immediate attention for knee pain because for example, when your right knee hurts, the natural reaction of the body is to avoid putting pressure on the right knee. However, this will result in more weight being put on the left knee, which means that the corresponding muscles around the left knee will have to work harder to support the extra weight. Due to inactivity, this will cause the muscles in the surrounding region to weaken in the long run.

In most cases, proper home care can help to heal simple ankle sprains. However, sprained ankles tend to be weakened after recovery and can be susceptible to sprains again. In more serious cases such as ankle osteoarthritis, it is vital to visit a specialist for an early diagnosis as it is a degenerative condition.

How can we help?

At Core Concepts in Singapore, we have a team which includes physiotherapists and fitness instructors to help determine the cause of your knee, joint and ankle pain and come up with an effective specialist treatment plan to relieve your pain, strengthen the weak muscles and increase your mobility. Physiotherapy can help to slow down the rate of degeneration and prevent future injuries, while assisting you to return to your daily activities and sports lifestyle pain-free.

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