Back Pain and Neck Pain Care

Suffering from chronic back pain, stiff shoulder and persistent neck aches? You’re not alone – studies have shown that over 80% of adults are bound to experience this at some point in their life and it is slowly becoming one of the most common reasons why people miss work and costs the Singapore economy billions of dollars. Our modern lifestyles in Singapore can also lead to a host of neck, shoulder and back problems.

But given for such a common problem, it has many, many different causes and root causes. Mis-understanding what’s causing your back pain often lead us to seek the wrong or ineffective treatment for the wrong problem like repeated traction.

Back Pain Causes – Complicated and Complex

Sometimes these aches could be contributed by an inactive lifestyle, prolonged mobile device use or improper workplace ergonomics for deskbound workers which result in various aches and strains. Poor posture is one common reason. The forward head posture as a result of these activities places a huge amount of strain on the neck and back as well as extra pressure on the spine. Upper and lower back, as well as neck pain, can also lead to a number of injuries and conditions including everyday strains, age-related diseases, and congenital disorders.

Very often, neck and back pain is not isolated and can travel to other regions of the body and cause referred pain such as headaches or arm aches. Whether or not you are feeling a sharp pain, stiffness or experiencing an inability to fully move your head or body, it can be very uncomfortable and frustrating. Often, it can also restrain certain daily activities at work, home or during leisure, affecting the overall quality of life for a great part of the population in Singapore.

And When it is not Back Pain

But other times, it can be something else like a mal-aligned rib-cage issue. And on other times, there are unique to certain context like pregnancy-related pains such as pain in the pelvis or in the groin area.

The good news is that most times, these strains and aches can be resolved. (and not by lying in bed resting)

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Finding Root Cause by Clinical Reasoning

At Core Concepts, our team of physiotherapy specialists are skilled to use a variety of manual therapy, massage, exercise therapy and other integrated services such as Functional Training and Pilates as a treatment to reduce your pain and prevent recurring injuries.

Some of the common causes of back and neck pain are:

While back and neck pains are common, the diagnosis is usually specific to you and requires a thorough assessment with a physiotherapist to determine its cause. With proper specialist treatment, it can help you improve your mobility, stability, flexibility and strength of your back to help reduce the pain in the lower and upper back.

You will be advised of better management for your condition. It can be a straight-forward as taking care of the small strained weak muscle like your multifidus or more complex matters like psychological factors, especially for chronic or persistent pains.

It is important to take care of that aching back or neck as prolonged and persistent pain can not only affect your quality of life but not attending to your aches could lead to a worsening of your condition.

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