Service Fees and Costs

Physiotherapy Session Cost


Since 2003, Core Concepts Physiotherapy Singapore ensure the premium quality of service and care with reasonable pricing. 

Here is a list of Core Concepts’ physiotherapy service fees and charges in Singapore, all things considered for your reference. Certainly, we are able to treat your condition? Meanwhile, if you are unsure of your condition, Simply give us a call to enquire!

Above all, we keep our total costs affordable and accessible. The fees can also be covered by most medical insurance, making it an affordable treatment option.

Physiotherapy (Singapore) Insurance Claim

Insurance claim procedures (for hospitalization, accident as well as travel insurance) vary across different providers. If you are planning to claim the charges from your insurer, it would be advisable for you to check with your insurer or agent on the procedures before making your way to our physiotherapy clinics in Singapore.

In addition, you may need a referral letter from your doctor/GP or specialist. You will need to pay for all your treatment sessions first, and subsequently, claim from your insurer with our receipt.

*Prices listed are before 7% GST charge*

Please see below for the following price list featuring many of our physiotherapy services in Singapore. However, if you don’t see what you’re looking for or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Of course, we’ll be happy to provide you with any information you require.


Physiotherapy ServicesFees
Physiotherapy Treatment (Principal Physiotherapist and Senior Principal Physiotherapist)$150.00
Physiotherapy Treatment (Physiotherapist & Senior Physiotherapist)$135.00
Massage ServicesFees
Sports Massage (1 hour)$105.00
Sports Massage (Senior Massage Therapist)$120.00
Manual Lymph Drainage$120.00
Other ServicesFees
Facilitated Stretch Therapy (1 hour)$120.00
Functional Training (1 hour)$125.00
Pilates SessionsFees
1-to-1 Private (single session)$130.00
1-to-1 Private (10 sessions)$1200.00
2-to-1 Duet (single session)$85.00
2-to-1 Duet (10 sessions)$800.00
Group Circuit Pilates (single session)$55.00
Group Circuit Pilates (10 sessions)$480.00
Group Circuit Pilates (20 sessions)$900.00
Workplace HealthFees
Workshops and TalksEmail us to enquire
Musculoskeletal Health ScreeningEmail us to enquire
Functional Capacity EvaluationEmail us to enquire

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