Running Gait Analysis (RGA): Meet Kien Mau


About Kien Mau

35 year old Kien Mau graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with Honours in Mechanical and Production Engineering but decided follow his passion and forge a career in track and field. He has been involved in competitive long distance running since 1996 and has been coaching for the past 12 years.

He has recently started his training as he wishes to participate in a Half-marathon in Japan, Osaka. However, along his training, he has realised that certain shoes give him pain in his heel. When Kien Mau heard about the Running Gait Analysis, he decided to make an appointment to meet our physiotherapist for a RGA Assessment to determine the root cause of the pain as well as solutions for dealing with the pain.

RGA Assessment

Upon initial assessment, we found out that Kien Mau has a collapsed arch, thus shoes that provide too much support can potentially cause arch pain. After going through Running Gait Analysis, we found that Kien Mau tends to land in pronation and had several muscular imbalances which was inadvertently causing the pain in his arch.

Jordan proceeded to assign several exercises to Kien Mau to strengthen his weaker muscles and scheduled a follow-up Physiotherapy session.

Results of RGA

Just a week after his first Physiotherapy session, we are pleased to find out from Kien Mau that he went for a few runs and did not experience any pain in his arch. He is enjoying his runs much more now and feels more confident about his upcoming half-marathon.

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