Our Services for Physiotherapy and Functional Wellness

Our mission is and has always been simple – to get you better faster and to stay better. For this purpose, our clients look to us to help them recover, return to their daily lives pain-free and remain functionally well.

Rehabilitation First

At Core Concepts, physiotherapy is at the heart of everything we do. We are first and foremost, a rehabilitation medicine focused practice. Our clinics are not lifestyle fitness studios that tend to the occasional pains and niggles that arise from your workout.

Severe and Chronic Conditions

We treat severe and chronic conditions and work closely with specialist surgeons to see their post-surgical patients for recovery. Our speciality lies in the area of musculoskeletal health – conditions related to the muscles and bones of the human body.


Only after we’ve resolved the underlying problem and the immediate pain, we can then focus on starting the journey to functional wellness.

Functional Wellness

Basically, functional wellness about being fit enough for your daily activities. Core Concepts offers selected services to keep you functionally fit – through functional fitness exercise programmes, Pilates and yoga sessions and as well as sports massages. Our team of functional trainers, Pilates instructors, yoga instructors and sports massage therapists are on hand to work with you.

However, between the two points of being in pain and being fit enough to join a maintenance programme sometimes a wide gap. This gap between rehabilitation and functional wellness needs to manage well. Clients who aren’t ready for higher-level programmes often re-injure themselves and fall back into rehabilitation.

Functional Rehabilitation

This is where our Physiotherapy Core comes into play. Similarly, our physiotherapists remain very central to your recovery progress, working very closely with our Functional Rehab Trainers and Instructors. In some cases, your physiotherapist will actually take you through the first few sessions themselves, gradually handing them over to our trainers and instructors.

In summary, not all exercise instructors have the training to deal with rehabilitative cases. For those who do, it is usually a short course or certification.