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Core Concepts is Singapore’s largest back pain specialist physiotherapy group, with 7 locations islandwide. We seek to bring you the best service experience and cost effective promotions in the timeliest manner and we strongly believe in engaging and cultivating relationships with our potential and current clients. One of the ways we achieve this is by keeping our website up to date with ongoing activities to keep clients updated with our company affairs.

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Neck Pains – Channel News Asia
01 Mar 2011

Channel 8, March 2011Senior Physiotherapist, Chng Chye Tuan spoke to Mediacorp on Neck Pains. Watch the clip here

Hard Core
01 Jul 2010

Associate Principal Physiotherapist, Cheryl Ng, talks about parenthood related sore necks and backs.

Pain Triggers, The Straits Time—Mind Your Body, April 2010
01 Apr 2010

Principal Physiotherapist, Sylvia Ho, gives advice on avoiding potential pain triggers for back and neck pains.

The Straits Times—Urban, Friday January 23 2009
23 Jan 2009

Cindy Tan demonstrates proper warm-up and stretches and to save yourself pain and injury.

Beating Your Personal Best
01 Nov 2007

Sports Mag interviewed Back2Sports physiotherapist on the new Marathon Bio-Technique Analysis programme.

Stretch Yourself, Urban—The Straits Times, 11 Jan 2007
11 Jan 2007

Core Concepts Physiotherapist demonstrates a few Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretches.

Body&Mind, Expat Living Singapore, October 2006
01 Oct 2006

Carolyn Willams speaks to Sylvia Ho, senior physiotherapist, on how core stability training helps patients with chronic back pains.

Is your back killing you?
01 Oct 2005

Sylvia Ho shares how a combination of manual physiotherapy treatments and core stability exercise training helped a client managed her post-pregnancy lower back pains.

Getting rid of that crick
04 Jun 2005

Explaining the link between core strength and chronic neck pains.

The Health Risks of Looking Good?
01 Jul 2004

Core Concepts physiotherapist highlights the danger of high heel and back pains.

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