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The secrets to cycling further and faster

The secrets to cycling further and faster

Is your ride cut short?

Is that nagging back ache keeping you from clocking in more distance in your weekly cycles? At least 80% of the population experience back pain at one point in their lives. Back aches are more prevalent among cycling enthusiasts due to the hunching position that the body is being forced into for a prolonged period of time. Pain is usually an indication of dysfunction – a weakness in core muscles causing the inability to support your body being in this position for a long period of time. Back aches occur as a result of your back taking the bulk of the load, often resulting in a back strain.

There is no necessity to live with back pain

In most cases, cyclists tend to consider back aches as part and parcel of their training and some may even wear it as a badge of honour. What if we told you there was no need for you to experience back aches after each training session? Back pain can make it difficult not only to enjoy cycling for longer distances, but can also hinder your performance and make it difficult to complete simple day to day activities such as bending over to lift items.

The secret key to going further, faster.

Just like a bike, your body is the most important equipment that can bring you further and faster. It is important to ensure that movement bio-mechanics are . Our team of physiotherapists and trainers are experts in the human anatomy and can identify muscular imbalances and weakness that could be causing your aches and help to strengthen them, improving your overall performance. With a wide variety of core strengthening programmes, our physiotherapists can help you cycle further, faster.

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