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Women, High heels and Bunions.
22 May 2018, 5:11 pm

Women are more likely to get bunions as they tend to wear high heels that may be too tight, too narrow or too pointed at the front. Find out more about the symptoms and treatment of bunions in this article.

Will Adopting an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Prevent Chronic Inflammation?
22 May 2018, 4:23 pm

Inflammation has been linked to diseases like arthritis, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Can the food we eat affect our chances of developing chronic inflammation?

Japan Firms Improve Employees’ Health With Fun Activities
22 May 2018, 3:31 pm

As part their management strategies, some companies in Japan have implemented measures to improve employees’ health. Read on to find out about these strategies.

back pain management
Changes in Primary Care Management for Non-Specific Low Back Pain
22 May 2018, 12:12 pm

Main recommendations for primary care management of Non-Specific Low Back Pain are obtained from United Kingdom, Danish, Belgian, and United States guidelines which are recently published. They outline the important changes in recommendation for primary care management.

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