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What is ‘Lightning Crotch’?

Like stretchmarks and heartburn, lightning crotch is a pain that pregnant women experience. It can either signal labour is coming or simply last for the entire remaining duration of the pregnancy.

The possible cause of lightning crotch is the pressure and positioning of the baby as they descend into the birth canal to get ready for delivery. The discomfort is heightened by increased blood flow to the area due to the pregnancy and the enlargement of the uterus.

While lightning crotch is painful, it is not an actual cause of alarm. Unless it is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, nausea, or bleeding, OB-GYN Dr. Diana Roth suggests not worrying about it.

However, she warned that if you have not reached the 37 week mark in your pregnancy, lightning crotch is reason to be more cautious and contact your doctor.

Read about it in more detail here. “What Are The Symptoms Of Lightning Crotch? It’s As Unpleasant As It Sounds

Lightning crotch

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