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Online Petition to Raise Awareness of Safety in Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a relatively young sport here but it is a popular sport among Singaporeans with over 50 competitive teams. A recent incident occured during a game which caused severe injuries to a young woman. It is reported that she had suffered a dislocated knee, two-part fracture in her leg, and multiple ligament tears to her knee after a collision with an opponent on the field.

As a result of this, two members of the frisbee community has taken actions to raise awareness of safety in the sport. Jocelyn Chua, a veteran player of ultimate frisbee from the Thirsty Camels Ultimate Club mentions,“This is the first time that I’ve heard of something so bad, and that’s why we’re using this example to highlight to the community, and we see the need to educate people on the sport properly.”

Read more here “Safety first for ultimate frisbee community, as on-field accident prompts online petition

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