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Sedentary Lifestyle and Suffering Health

The rise in work-related health problems such as text neck, email apnoea, back pain and wrist pain are largely attributed to the sedentary lifestyle and and workplace ergonomics.

Email Apnoea

The term email apnoea stems from the condition of sleep apnoea where sufferers stop breathing for very short periods or shallow breathe while they sleep.

The act of focusing intensely while texting, typing or answering emails under pressure causes us to inhale and hold our breath. This occurs unconsciously throughout the day and with the addition of stress and poor posture, it all accumulates to become a high risk activity in the long run.

Addressing Discomfort

Kirsty Angerer, an ergonomist with Humanscale says “Employers should be interested in addressing discomfort well before it becomes an injury. Not only does early intervention reduce treatment costs, it’s also important for productivity.”

It is important to check your vital signs at work and take active precautions to improve the situation. Click to find out more. “How office work can kill you


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