HÅG Capisco – The only chair you’ll ever need

Introducing HÅG Capisco – this innovative chair was inspired back in 1943 by horseback riders who have great postures. After much research, the founders of HÅG realised that the reason behind the great posture of horseback riders was because of the way they are seated while riding a horse. Inspired by this discovery, the founders started on a mission to create a chair to similarly recreate this experience and to promote better posture while seated – That’s when they came up with the HÅG Capisco.

Most chairs are run of the mill designs and may not suit people of different frames. Being seated in a chair that isn’t ergonomic for your body can result in back aches, neck and shoulder strains. If these strains are not uncommon to you, perhaps it is time to review your workplace ergonomics.

Do you find yourself starting to fidget 1-2 hours after you’ve started work? The human body is not designed to sit still for long periods of time. However, most of our jobs are desk bound, meaning that we spend 8-9 hours a day seated on a chair even though our bodies are not designed for it. Most people solve that problem by taking a short break by heading to the washroom. But what if your chair could allow you to sit in various positions, giving your body the ability to move switch positions in the comfort of your chair? HÅG’s wide selection of office chairs allows you to do just that. The design of their chairs allow you to sit in over 25 different positions. Furthermore, the customisability of the chair means you can adjust the chair to whichever position you feel like sitting in – be it leaning back, sitting taller or even forward facing!


HÅG’s mission stems from the passion of “making the world a better place to sit” and Core Concepts is proud to be a part of this movement. If you work at a desk bound job and body strains are not uncommon to you, or if you would like to adopt a better posture, perhaps it is time to review your workstation.

Do pop in to our clinics to test them out! Prices start from $899

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