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About Isaac

Isaac Wong - PhysiotherapistI enjoy playing tennis because it requires endurance, agility, strength, speed, balance, coordination, and a host of other skill sets to excel at the sport. Tennis will teach you to use your brain to react faster and a wide array of skills and shots to win. There will always be better players than you, but the fun thing about tennis is when you put the effort in to improve your game which  and move up in skill level. I try to play tennis about twice a week. I join a Singapore tennis group which allows me have a chance to meet a diverse range of people as well.

While studying in the UK, I also picked up horse riding. I have always had a love for animals and my 2 favourite animals would have to be dogs and horses. Horse riding is not just a sport, it’s a partnership that you have to nurture. The connection that can be achieved with a horse is hard to put into words. As you get to know your horse, they get to know you as well. I enjoy horse riding in my spare time as it helps to make me feel happy and positive, and lower my stress levels. Riding also allows me to relax and unwind outdoors which gives me the opportunity to experience and interact with nature, take in the fresh air, smell the foliage, see wildlife and feel closer to nature. This is a rarity in this day and age as we tend to spend so much of our time indoors, we should take every opportunity we can to get to head outside for some exercise and fresh air with one of our most beautiful animals.

What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

Like many others, my first experience with physiotherapy was receiving treatment for various injuries that I suffered as I was growing up. In addition, I knew that I did not want a desk bound job because I wanted to remain as physically active as possible. When I was serving in the army, there was an incident where I suffered from severe back pain due to heavy lifting and bad posture. I remember not being able to stand and walk for 2-3 days after that incident and my mobility was severely affected. In order to fix my problem, I went to see a doctor who then referred me to see a physiotherapist. This was my first encounter with a physiotherapist and he managed to diagnose my problem accurately and solved my problem within a few sessions. This encounter made me realize the importance of movement and the profound ability of our bodies to heal. The human body has many functions which we often take for granted in our everyday lives. Physiotherapists facilitate this capacity to help people reach their physical goals. Helping people to be healthy and active again is a good feeling while making a living. My inspiration comes from my desire to work with people, help solve simple-to-complex problems, and use my hands and other skills to help people physically get back to the activity or sport they love.

Describe your most memorable experience.

One of my most memorable experience would have to be seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland 2 years ago. My sister and I decided to go on a holiday together and we chose to go to Iceland to experience the culture and scenery. We were there for a week and instead of visiting the touristy places we decided to be more adventurous so we sought out a local guide from trip advisor to take us around for a few days. He was a native Icelandic local who grew up in the mountains outside of the city. My sister and I booked a midnight hiking tour with him where he took us up the mountain to look for natural hot springs for us to take a dip in while gazing at the stars. It was winter in Iceland when we were there so it was freezing cold. It took us a while to find a natural hot spring to dip into because sometimes the water would be too cold while other times it would be too hot. We already had our swimming costumes on and when he found a suitable spot where the water was the appropriate temperature he asked us to undress quickly and jump into the water. We were not expecting to see the northern lights as it was forecasted that the activity would not be strong that night. Optimal conditions for the Northern Lights are cloudless nights with little or no wind. As I was soaking myself in the natural hot spring almost immediately I started to see the thin, wispy lines of the aurora borealis over the peaks ahead. To the untrained eye these faint manifestations of the Lights at first look like clouds. It’s not until photos are taken that you realize those streaks are actually green and aren’t clouds at all, but instead the Northern Lights. There are many people who go on organized Northern Lights tours who never see a thing, not even a thin wispy line of the aurora. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, more swirls and lines started to take shape over the mountains in front of me. I couldn’t believe my luck, the swirls kept increasing in magnitude, dancing around the sky. I mostly saw greens, but also flashes of reds and pinks in the Lights, rare colors to observe. Over the next hour or so, as I slowly froze, the Lights continued their show, giving me a private audience to one of the most amazing natural spectacles in the world. I stopped trying to take photos and laid back on the ice, letting nature wow me with the performance. The solitude and the beauty were amazing and the ensuing experience is one I know I will remember forever.

What would you like to learn and why?

I would like to learn how to cook. Even though I’ve lived abroad for 3 years while I was studying and have had to prepare my own meals I would say that my culinary skills are not that great. I cook to get by and to fill my stomach. I want to learn how to cook because I would be able to control the ingredient that goes into my meals and cut out the unhealthy additives and preservatives used in processed food. Cooking at home is very convenient and the taste is better compared to eating out.

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