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About Chye Tuan

My wife and I have a 3yo daughter, 9month old son and a 4 yo mini schnauzer. I like sports and the outdoors. In fact my wife and I got together because of our love for scuba diving. It’s something I miss doing since we became parents. Diving is always an adventure that is somewhat risky yet brings me peace, keeps me grounded as the forces of nature reminds me I’m just another human on planet Earth. Now I will be very glad just to have time to watch my favorite football team play live on TV. Life’s simple pleasures.

 Chng Chye Tuan - Principal Physiotherapist


What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

As a young impressionable boy I remember watching on tv the physiotherapist running onto the football field doing his ‘magic’ on a soccer player and get him back playing in seconds. I wanted to be that person! True enough my first job as a physiotherapist was with the football association of Singapore as a physiotherapist for the youth teams.
When I was injured during my competitive basketball days as a young secondary school boy which was pretty often, I was hoping to do ‘magic’ on myself to recover as soon as possible. That is also what set me on my way to help people return to sports.
Furthermore, I knew that I wanted to be in a career where I can change people’s life, meet people from all walks of life, and not sit down behind a computer the whole day. Physiotherapy ticks all the right boxes for me.
Now I have the opportunity to shape our industry in my small little ways, training and inspiring the next generation of physios, influencing our local community to appreciate physiotherapy, growing our industry to create jobs for more physios so that they can reach out and help many more people in need.

What are some of the challenging cases that you have seen so far?

Challenging cases to me are when clients put full responsibility on you for their recovery and not partake in their rehabilitation process.
I suppose due to my days as a competitive athlete and a middle child, I like challenges. I like it when clients come to me saying they have seen many other healthcare practitioners, physios included, without much results. It pushes me to think that much harder, try that little bit more, persevere to inspire and motivate them that a positive outcome is possible. What hurts me is when my clients give up on me, when I think they can get better, we are moving in right direction but they simply give up. Regardless, I still give my very best.

Describe your most memorable holiday

I have 2 holidays that I would rank up there as most memorable.
Boxing Day 2004, 830am: My girlfriend and I were returning from an island off Ranong, a province 4 hours north of Phuket. I quipped that the sea looks eerily peaceful today. We arrived on mainland, checking in to an Internet cafe before our bus ride to Bangkok 8 hours later. That’s when I read the news Phuket was hit by the deadly Tsunami, we were there few days ago diving in the Andaman sea. As the hours ticked by, the tsunami ravaged every single place we past through along the western coast of Thailand, including the island we were departing this morning. As we made our way to Bangkok, we heard countless stories and saw lifeless bodies wandering around aimlessly. In particular, there was one disheveled German guy with bloodshot eyes who came up to me asking for directions to his embassy. He had nothing in his possession except what he was wearing and a hotel room key. I remembered his hotel because it was the grandest there, compared to the one I was at – a family run wooden shack right next to it.
Right on this famous touristy Khao San road in Bangkok, his ordeal juxtaposed against the infinite pubs blaring loud hippy trance music with people dancing the night away high on alcohol. Many people that we encountered over that past week probably did not survive. My heart was torn.
Few years later the same girlfriend and I were on a tuk tuk in Cambodia to a remote Indiana jones type of temple when the vehicle skidded off a bridge and into a river. The driver managed to ditch the vehicle before it slipped. While my girlfriend and I landed ankle deep in muddy water. We were standing next to the vehicle and looking up to see the driver clasping his head. I’m sure he was worried about his vehicle as it was his form of income and livelihood. It was indeed a miracle we walked away unscathed. The more miraculous thing was probably that the villagers actually managed to retrieve and repair the tuk tuk and it was the same driver that was driving us back to a clinic.
My then girlfriend, now wife is understandably risk adverse with 2 young children. I on the other hand am satisfied with a nice cold beer in one hand, watching my Man United football match ‘live’ on TV. Having said that, I won’t mind another dive trip.

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