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About Aloysius

I have always been a huge fan of sports, but only began to participate more actively in my adolescent years because of my chubby childhood. Never really put thought into my career choice until the end of ‘O’ Levels, because my boyhood dream was to play in the EPL, I ended up taking a Diploma in Electronics.

Another questionable decision I made would be signing on with the RSAF as an engineer. I managed to convince myself it’s a good choice because of financial independence, and at some point, had aspired to be a pilot. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was finally at rest, after a long and hard fight, in December 2013, few days short of Christmas. Being the youngest of 3 children, the pressure was on me to be financially stable and to have a direction in my career, which I would not have figured out had I not taken this path.

If I wasn’t doing something in sports, I would have probably done something related to music. With influence from my dad’s music choice, I went through a Jimi Hendrix phase, but realised I’m better off just a fan instead. And sad to say, I have no hidden talents.

What inspired you to become a massage therapist?

I started with google search and YouTube to find out about self-releasing techniques, to attempt to fix my own muscular problems. Then I got interested in helping others to fix their muscular problems, which made me decide to take up a basic massage course to learn about proper techniques and have more opportunities for hands on experience.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I feel satisfied when I can ease someone’s muscular problems especially if it is chronic. It makes me happy when I get to the root of the problem.

If you were given a free air ticket to any destination in the world, where would you go and why?

I love to travel, so probably the MOST expensive ticket… But if that is not an option, then Machu Picchu in Peru or Easter island near Chile would be nice. History books always intrigues me, but I never made it past the first few pages. It would be nice to learn about it when I’m there.

You can find Aloysius at Parkway Parade!

Call +65 6226 3632 or fill up this form to book an appointment!

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