Get to know your therapist – Ying Rong

About Ying Rong

Ying RongI run, alot! I represent Singapore in various running events, namely 10km runs and half marathons. I am also a huge wine enthusiast! When I am not studying the art of physiotherapy, I attend wine appreciation courses on the side, haha! I am also learning french as a hobby. There is a french saying that stuck with me during the course of my study. “Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir”  The sense of this french proverb is such that it is better to take the necessary precautions to prevent a sickness, than to wait for the onset of the sickness and then only to treat it. I like to keep this perspective in view when I engage in my work as a physiotherapist. Friends describe me as friendly and also a little eccentric.

What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

I wanted to be engaged in a line of work that directly improves someone’s quality of life. I wanted to help people at the microscopic level. Physiotherapy allows me to do just that.

What accomplishment are you the most proud of and why?

Breaking the Singapore half marathon record earlier this year is my proudest achievement to date. It serves as a daily reminder to myself that I have to put in the effort to achieve my goals. In the months leading up to the race, I had to set myself a very strict and regimental schedule to fit my training into my work schedule. It was a very trying period of time, but I am really glad I went through with it. This resonates with my attitude and character during my everyday responsibilities. It is a solid reminder for myself to persevere on when things get challenging.

If you were deserted on a stranded island, what are the 5 things you would want to have with you?

1. Running shoes – just in case I need to run, not quite into barefoot running

2. Running clothes – might get sweaty

3. Spare running clothes – might need them when running clothes gets washed

4. Fasionable clothes (I think it would be good to maintain my appearance even when stranded on some island)

5. Of course, running socks

You can find Ying Rong at Harbourfront and Galaxis!

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