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When I am not in the clinics, the foodie in me compels me to constantly search for tasty and unique places to eat in Singapore. This is also a good time for me to catch up with my family and friends. As part of my motto of practising what I preach, I exercise regularly to maintain my health. This involves attending kickboxing classes and going to swim at least once a week. I enjoy a good workout as it helps me focus my thoughts and condition me both physically and mentally for the demands of a physiotherapist.

What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

I knew from the start that it will be something related to healthcare. I like meeting people from all walks of life and enjoy the interaction with others. With that, I know that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate a routine eight-to-five desk bound work.  When I came across physiotherapy, I knew it is something meaningful and I could reach out and make a difference to others’ lives. Five years into working now, I have explored the different areas of physiotherapy including working in the wards, A&E and clinic settings, treating patients with a wide variety of conditions. I like musculoskeletal the best as I like the challenge of diagnosing conditions and helping my patients to achieve their goals. This has led me to pursue my Masters in Manipulative Therapy last year. The satisfaction gained from witnessing my patients’ progress and recovery through my therapy sessions is the key that has kept me going all this while.

What is your favourite holiday of the year?

It has got to be Chinese New Year! To me, it is a time for reunion, celebration and reflection for the past year. Growing up, my fondest memory about Chinese New Year is the excitement of watching the display of fireworks, putting up house decorations, shopping for new year’s goodies with my family and receiving the red packets from house visiting. Having been away from home for about 12 years, I relish the get together time with my family and also catching up with old friends back in my hometown Kuching. Helping my mom with the cooking and baking during this period makes me appreciate home cooked food more and I will always pack my mom’s pineapple tarts whenever I return to Singapore. I remember having to spend this time away in overseas during my first year of university several years back. Since then, I would make sure I am back at home for this holiday as it is the time of the year when I would miss my family most if I am not around.

If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?

The first thing that came to my mind was to have all my wishes granted as one of the wishes but as always, I know this wouldn’t be counted as one. So my 3 wishes would be as follows:

  1. I want this world to be free of diseases, sickness, wars and crimes. Being in healthcare, the importance of having good health, both physically and mentally, is further accentuated with every patient that I have come across. Imagine a world where we wouldn’t fall sick or worry about our own safety when walking out on the street late at night. No wars and crimes equals to no injuries and suffering. With good health, everyone can be with their loved ones and lead the type of lifestyles they want eg. an 80-year-old man could still travel the world without being limited by any health conditions.
  2. I love to travel and explore different cultures, so my second wish would be to visit every nook and corner of the world within my lifetime – if this would mean to work and travel at the same time, it would be quite fun!
  3. Finally, it would be to become a multi-talented individual!

You can find Magdalene at Harbourfront Centre and Galaxis!

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