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About James

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging around The Legend country club working out in the gym and taking it easy – swimming or getting some work done in the lounge area. My lovely wife just delivered a pair of baby twin girls, thus I spend most of my free time at home taking care of them. I am a sporty person by nature and I love trying out new activities, but due to the lack of time now, I mostly workout in the gym.
Previously, I used to do mountain trekking alone and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It is something which i hope to be able to do again, but this time with my family. I come from a family with 4 other siblings and I am the youngest among all 5 of us. I am also very good at physical/fitness training as my mind works quickly with different and alternative training method. This is also the reason why I never stopped working in this industry since I started in 1999 when most of my peers have already left the industry.

James Lee - Funtional Fitness Trainer

Another one of my hidden talents would be doing housework and cleaning up the place. I enjoy managing home matters and I consider myself a handyman that can fix and modify most things at home on my own with my wife.


What inspired you to become a functional trainer?

I feel that my calling to be a trainer has been in built in since i was a very little boy. Growing up, I have been very active and engaging in all kinds of sports. I have been told that I have a natural flair for most sports such as basketball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, badminton, bowling and billiard. When I first stared off as a trainer, my inspiration came from feeling proud and cool with a nice build and body. As I started to mature, I saw things in a different light and now I feel that what I am doing is more than that. This has inspired me to learn more and share my knowledge with others so that they can also enjoy training.

What is your most memorable memory?

With a strong team of colleagues, we built strong bonding with lots of in-house training, games and activities after work like clubbing and dinner/supper almost everyday with activities. Another memorable moment would be training Mrs Koh from scratch – where she has zero knowledge and experience in fitness to now, where she has become a strong and passionate woman about fitness. Another memorable moment in my career would be training Soo Mei from zero base till now where she has completed a 42km full marathon twice! Another one would be training Mr Seelan from zero base in fitness coupled with an emperor’s hunch to someone who stands up straight with a great posture and a very nice body at the age of 62 now.

Another memorable moment in my life would be watching the business grow through years of hard work and effort.

If you could only have one sporting equipment, what would it be and why?

If I could only have one sporting equipment, it would be the Open Sling Rope. This is a common rope used by most rock climbers. I chose this as it is very handy and can be used for many different functions. You can use it to hang or to pull someone, it can be lengthen or shortened. It is also very easy to keep as it is light and safe to bring around for travel and it can double up as a safety equipment in many scenarios.

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