Get to know Guang Hao

About Guang Hao

I am quite a sporty person – I love going to the gym, playing soccer with friends and enjoy the very occasional run. The teen in me still loves gaming on my Playstation 4 and I will go back to it once in awhile if my schedule allows.

What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

I first came to know about physiotherapy when I injured my knee while playing soccer. As a result of that injury, I had to go for 2 surgeries and underwent a whole year of intensive physiotherapy. During the sessions, I was extremely inspired by the fact that physios are empowered with the ability to help people get back to their full range of motion and flexibility which they have lost due to injuries. Till this day, I still look to that as my motivation to help all my patients get better and stay better.

What are some of the most challenging things about being a physiotherapist?

The most challenging thing about being a physiotherapist is accepting that you cannot fix everything. Sometimes, there are things we just cannot fix no matter how hard we try and we will beat ourselves up for that.

Describe your most memorable moment of 2016.

My most memorable moment of 2016 would be going for my Masters in Physiotherapy in Perth! I really enjoyed my time there getting to know more about the Australian culture and how it is different from Singapore as well as having the opportunity to treat patients there as well. Although doing assignments can be quite a pain, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Going for my Masters in Perth has helped to broaden my perspective regarding my profession and after coming back, I feel more passionate and ready to help people.

You can find Guang Hao at Raffles Quay and Parkway Parade

Call +65 6226 3632 or fill up this form to book an appointment!

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