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About Cindy

I enjoy travelling and exploring new places and I try to save up for a big trip each year. One of the most memorable trips I’ve done was a solo trip to Bhutan in 2014. The trip to Bhutan was truly a magical, exhilarating and once in a lifetime experience! I remembered on my very first day when I landed in Bhutan, one of the first things my guide told me was that he will make sure I have the happiest stay in Bhutan; and true enough he kept to his promise. In the 10 days that I was there,
I got to meet many kind and beautiful people including the little kids who were ever so ready to wave and smile back at me which made me feel so welcomed and at home. I also gotten a better understanding of the Bhutanese culture and gained better knowledge of Buddhism.

Cindy Tan - Associate Principal Physiotherapist

The trip was well planned with a range of experiences from sightseeing of the Dzongs, markets, cultural festival to hikes in the countryside and up the famous Tiger’s Nest. I even got to try out Bhutan’s national sport, Archery, and put on the Kira (national costume for Bhutanese women) on the last day of my trip! If my piggy bank allows, I would like to return to Bhutan again, this time to explore the southern regions.

Besides, setting time for land trips, as many would know, my holidays will never be complete without going down under. Yes… literally…down under into the oceans! Our Earth is covered in 70% water and so it is not surprising that some of the most beautiful and special places on Earth are found in the oceans. Those who do not dive will be missing out on a lot as they only get to enjoy 30% of the world’s beauty! What I enjoy most about diving is the quietness and peace you get when you are underwater. The only sound you will hear would be your own breathing and bubbling. There is also a sense of weightlessness when one is underwater. I also enjoy underwater photography, capturing beautiful images of the sea creatures, especially colourful small critters and nudibraches which are a kind of sea slugs.


What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

I believe one of the factors that landed me into physiotherapy is my active nature. I’m someone who cannot sit still in the office and be in front of a laptop from 9am to 5pm. I need to be constantly on the go and moving (being a physiotherapist definitely made sure I get to exercise my restless limbs and not be stuck on the chair whole day)!

Also, I used to do sports in my younger school days and always got myself injured. Being accident-prone has made me wonder if there’s anything or anyone who could help fix these injuries and through a friend I came to know more about physiotherapy and that was how it got me interested in becoming a physiotherapist! No turning back since….!

What genre of tv series do you enjoy the most?

I grew up watching mostly Hong Kong TVB drama serials and part of the reason is because my mum is a Cantonese. I feel that the plots and story line to the TVB drama serials are more engaging and more “drama” which is why I prefer watching them over other drama series. This is the only time I don’t mind gluing myself onto the sofa for a couple of hours watching the drama serials.

Describe your perfect holiday

My perfect holiday will be one by the beach where I get to Eat, Sleep, Dive, and REPEAT!


You can find Cindy at International Building!
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