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About Caro


Antwerp, a lovely city in the North of Belgium is the place where I was born and happily grew up.  Most of you will know Belgium, the heart of Europe, for its chocolates and fries. In my childhood I was addicted to rope skipping and horse riding.  Singapore’s sport friendly environment stimulates me to be very active and to explore new things. Recently I started with Yoga and on Sunday’s you can find me at Tanjong beach club to play some volleyball. In Belgium I was a very passionate student within our physiotherapy courses, the only thing I missed was an opportunity to study abroad and to learn about other cultures.  So I was really glad my boyfriend was offered with the opportunity to move to Singapore – and gave me the chance to join the inspiring team of Core Concepts.

What inspired you to become a physiotherapist?

Surrounded by family members engaged in all different medical professions, my interest in the human body started from a very young age.  I wanted to combine my medical interest with sports so with physiotherapy I was able to combine both things together.  The fact that physiotherapy is a dynamic profession, which constantly provides new insights of the human body, is very appealing to me.

What are some of the largest culture shocks you faced when you came to Singapore?

I think the culture shock of arriving and living in Singapore was not really that shocking to me. Most of the western things of home are easily to find here as well. Singapore is a multicultural country, which gave me the chance to taste all different food and to meet a mix of interesting people of all different cultures.  I admit that I still have to adapt to the humidity, warm temperatures and to the freezing AC inside the buildings.  Something else I have to get used to is the different tone setting and structure of Singlish. But I feel that I’m starting to finish my sentence already with.. Can? Can Lah? to confirm if my patient understood me properly.  So I have a good feeling I will adapt to it very soon.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, name 5 items that you would want to have with you.

If I would choose in a functional way I would probably take with me some water, a knife, a lighter, a rope and sun cream but honestly speaking I rather take some chocolate, a hammock, a radio, a bottle of rhum and Netflix

You can find Caro at Harbourfront Centre and Novena Square!

Call +65 6226 3632 or fill up this form to book an appointment!

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