First Appointment FAQs

  1. What do I need to bring for my first session?
  2. Some of the things you need to bring along would be your IC or any form of identification, your Doctor’s referral if you have one and any X-rays or MRIs that is related to your condition that you think might be helpful for the assessment.

  3. Do I need to bring along my X-Rays or MRIs?
  4. Yes, you would be required to bring all X-Rays / MRIs related to the condition or problem area. Also the reports that accompanies the films.

    For instance, if you are experiencing left shoulder pain and have done an X-ray of your left shoulder two years ago, it would be good to bring that X-ray along with you to your first appointment.

  5. What if my X-ray is older than 6 months?
  6. Regardless of the age of the X-ray, as long as it is related to the problem area – kindly bring it down for our therapists to have a look.

  7. If a doctor has referred me, should I bring the letter along with me?
  8. Yes, you will need to bring your Doctor’s referral for our therapists as they work closely with referring doctors to keep them updated on your progress. We will make a copy for filing purpose and return the original to you.

  9. What should i be wearing and do I need to bring a change of clothes?
  10. Although there is no dress code, it would be best to be dressed comfortably for the session – i.e., unrestrictive clothing such as shorts or pants for ladies. If it is necessary, we can provide a clean change of clothes for you.

  11. What should I be expecting on my first session?
  12. When you step into the clinic for the first time, you will have to go through a registration process. Thereafter, your therapist will find out more from you about your musculoskeletal problems before proceeding to do a physical examination and assessment of the problem area.

    After the therapist has come to a diagnosis, an appropriate treatment plan will be discussed.

  13. What payment mode do you accept?
  14. We accept cash, nets and credit card payments (Visa/MasterCard/ AMEX).

  15. Will I be able to claim this from my insurer?
  16. Unless your insurer has provided us with a Letter of Guarantee, we require clients to make upfront payments after each session and proceed to claim the costs from their insurer. Do feel free to approach us for any documentation assistance such as filling out the relevant portions of the claim forms if required.

  17. How early do I need to be there for my appointment?
  18. It would be good to arrive 5-10 minutes early to register beforehand so as to start the session promptly.

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