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Here’s how you can run faster.

Common running goals include achieving a new personal best in timing and distance, but very often, even though they put in effort and dedicate themselves to training conscientiously, runners face problems such as injuries and training plateaus.

What is the key to running faster?

Apart from focusing on the quantity of training, runners should also look at the quality of their running. The quality of your running performance depends on many factors, which includes running gait, posture and muscle strength.

An efficient running gait refers to optimal movement mechanics. When combined with proper running posture, and muscle strength, energy exerted will propel you forward, bringing you further in a shorter amount of time.

Why is the quality of running important?

An inefficient running gait combined with poor running posture, wastes precious energy moving sideways or vertically, instead of propelling forward.

Muscular imbalances also result in substandard performance as the stronger muscles have to work harder in order to compensate for weaker corresponding muscles, leading to overuse injuries over a prolonged period of time.

How can you improve your quality of running?

Very often, runners remain unaware of these shortcomings until their bodies respond with soreness and pain

This is where we come in –  Running Gait Analysis assesses your running form with Optogait, identifying your inefficiencies and correcting them.

The Optogait technology includes optical sensors and video cameras attached to the treadmill recording data in real time. This helps us identify the areas where you could be losing energy during your run and the underlying cause behind that inefficiency.

Combining the data analysis of the data from Optogait with our Physiotherapist’s expert opinion, you will receive a summary of your assessment with recommendations on how to correct your inefficiencies.

Find out how we helped a running coach overcome his arch pain that prevented him from achieving his goal of participating in a half-marathon! Read more here

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