Running Clinic – Let the Countdown Begin


Is your race date nearing? Let the Countdown Begin!

As your race date draws near, you may be wondering what you can do at this stage to add on to the miles that you’ve been clocking since you signed up for the race. We have good news for you – Join our panel of experts on 5th November at 1.30pm as we share tips and tricks of how you can maximise the last few weeks you have to prepare before your big race.

Our panel of speakers


Miss Mok Ying Rong is a national runner and a physiotherapist with Core Concepts – having recently broken a national record in her timing for a half marathon, Ying Rong will be sharing more on how you can prep yourself for your best race ever.

Prep yourself for your best race ever

So you took the first step – by signing up for the race. You then took the second step – by logging in the training miles. Are you ready for the final step? Taking on your first 10K, half marathon or even the full marathon can be both an exciting and nerve wrecking experience. In this running clinic, Ying Rong will be sharing with you tips that she has learnt from experience about running for beginners. If you are not a beginner – she will be covering first hand race experiences and sharing reflections on them so you can save yourself some stress, time and pain and help to make sure this race will be your best race ever.



Kelvin Teo - Functional Fitness Trainer

Mr Kelvin Teo is a functional trainer with RetroFIT, familiar with the functionality of the body and the various muscle groups, Kelvin will be sharing how you can optimise your running performance through strength training

Strength Training For Running

Frustrated at clocking the mileage but not seeing improvements in your running? Been going to the gym but not feeling like you’re running faster? Whether you’re a person who likes to run, or if you HAVE to run, join our resident Functional Trainer who will share the whys, whats and hows of running-specific exercise hacks to help improve your running experience.




Mr Chng Chye Tuan is a Senior Principal Physiotherapist with Core Concepts, specialising in sports physiotherapy, he will be teaching you to run smart, not run hard.

Run Smart, Not Run Hard
With an upcoming race right around the corner, it is now too late to ramp up your runs – but do you know that you can boost your running performance with simple exercises that don’t even require you to put on your running shoes?

Chye Tuan will be sharing on how you can be a more efficient running machine by using muscles in a way that you typically will not think about – absorbing impact, storing energy to rebound and propel you forward in the most efficient way possible. Chye Tuan will also be sharing how all these muscles can be trained at your office desk or in the comfort of your own house.



Saturday, 5 Nov 2016

1:30pm to 3:45pm
(Registration starts at 1:00pm)
Core Concepts, Velocity @ Novena
Velocity @ Novena, #03-32
238 Thomson Road
Singapore 307683

Seats are fully booked! Registration is now closed


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