Hand-Exerciser for Carpal Tunnel and Stress-Relief for only $10

While the Workplace Safety and Health Council may have upgraded back injuries from under minor injuries to a category of its own, we felt that we should overlook the other common injuries at the office especially amongst the office workers like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. So here’s doing our bit to provide some relief!

Take a Load Off Your Wallet and Wrist!

From the 11th of April till 10th May of 2014, get your Sanctband Exerciser for only $10. That’s more than 20% off from the recommended retail price of $13! They are available at all of our clinics.

These hand-exercisers are great for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome especially if there is risk of reduced grip strength following median nerve compression and loss of muscle in group of muscles on the palm of the human hand at the base of the thumb.

It is also used for power grip or precision grip strengthening post-fracture or post-surgery. For a start, the resistance of the orange and peach ones should be more user-friendly and just pitched at a strength level slightly higher than the client’s grip strength.

If All Else Fails, Relief STRESS!

Last but not least, it can be utilised as a stress ball for chanelling of excess energy and anger when one is overloaded with the burdens of life, just simply unload it onto an object instead of creating harm by taking out onto people or himself.

Sanctband Hand Exercisers are recommended for people that do extensive computer work to rest their hands, for example, working professionals and professional gamers, and elderly to train their hands, by doing grip strength exercises.

Sanctband Hand Exercisers are silicon-based, latex-free squeeze balls that are ergonomically designed in an egg shape. It comes in 4 vibrant colours that are coded in accordance to the strength level.

Core Concepts