Foot Orthotics – Formthotics Promotion June 2014

Invented by a Sports Medicine practitioner in the 1970s, Formthotics™ are a unique design, made from unique materials and customisable to meet the needs of your unique feet.

Formthotics are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and sold worldwide in over 30 countries.

Pain is the way our body tells us that something is not right and attention is required. Formthotics™ Custom Medical Orthotics are used by medical professionals to help treat pain and improve comfort and support.

 Why Formthotics™ Custom Medical Orthotics?

Formthotics™  are a tool trusted by medical professionals. Formthotics stabilise your feet and lower limbs, allowing other components of your treatment to be more effective, more rapidly. This helps to reduce foot and posture related pain, injury and muscle fatigue so you can recover more quickly.

  • Formthotics are reliable. Used by millions across the world over the past 30 years. Formthotics are a consistently high quality device, proven in research to reduce pain, treat and prevent injuries, and improve comfort.
  • Fit in one visit. Formthotics can be fitted immediately after your first consultation, provided your medical professional has all their tools onsite. Measurements do not need to be sent away to another organisation to produce your orthotics, which is often costly.
  • Your body is constantly changing, Formthotics can easily adapt with you. Our body is a complex ever changing system, therefore it is important the support under your feet can change with you. A medical professional can assist with making small modifications to your Formthotics without you needing to purchase replacements; this can make a big difference to your comfort and can help speed up injury recovery.
  • Have confidence that you are helping heal your body in the fastest way.

Formthotics are suitable for the conditions below:

Usual Price: $230
Promotional Pricing $180 includes fitting and 1 in-sole. Second additional in-sole pair for $60 (fitted in the same session).

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