Yummy Mummy: Keeping Fit and Healthy in Pregnancy & After


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Physiotherapy in Pregnancy and After : Aches, Pains & Strains

Ms Sylvia Ho is a Principal Physiotherapist with Core Concepts Physiotherapy Group. Her areas of interest include spinal conditions and women’s health. In this presentation, Sylvia will be looking at why pregnant mothers tend to have lower back pain and sharing the solutions to relieving these pains in order to have a pain free and comfortable pregnancy. Sylvia will also be touching on post natal pelvic floor re-training and tools for relearning to activate the pelvic floor health.

Sylvia Ho, Principal Physiotherapist



Nutrition in Pregnancy Susanneand After

Ms Susanne Frey is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach
Susanne believes that nutritional requirements may be slightly different than your normal diet because you need enough nutrition for yourself with extra for your baby, during pregnancy and after you’ve had your baby.

In this session, Susanne will discuss what to add to your diet during pregnancy, how to get additional micronutrients, what to avoid and which supplements to take.

Susanne Frey, Certified Nutritionist





Pilates in Pregnancy and After: What are the benefits?

Ms Deborah Wong is a fully licensed medical doctor and Pilates instructor with over 10 years of experience.

In this presentation, Deborah will be sharing more on Pilates, its benefits pre and post delivery, and how it can help you to have a more enjoyable pregnancy, easier labour and faster recovery after!

Deborah Wong, Pilates Instructor






Getting back in shape, when can I start?

Ms Heng Li Hoong is a fitness trainer with 12 years of experience, she is also certified for training pregnant and post natal clients.

Many expectant mothers experience changes in their bodies during and after pregnancy. Many new mothers often are often confused about when they can start exercising and what exercises are suitable for them.

During this presentation, Li Hoong will share with you the answers to these questions and exercises that are suitable during the 1st year after delivery from the period:
· 0 to 6 weeks
· 6 weeks to 6 months
· 6 months onwards
· Breastfeeding and exercising

Heng Li Hoong, Certified Pregnant and Post Natal Fitness Trainer



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