Baby on Board: Facing the Aches, Pains & Strains of Pregnancy

Facing the Aches and Pains of Pregnancy?

You’re not alone – almost 3/4 of pregnant women will face hip or back pain at some point.

With the bump comes excess weight and pressure on your joints and ligaments and as your pregnancy progresses, these aches and pains become more prominent, if you don’t manage them.

There are multiple ways to relieve pain, but how do you know which one is the best solution? Sometimes an ache is nothing more than a gentle reminder to take it easy, and at other times it might be a sign you need medical attention.

Join us at this educational event, as we share the causes, preventive measures and treatment of the aches and pains during pregnancy, as well as post-delivery pelvic floor dysfunction.


Saturday, 21 Nov 2015
2:00pm to 5:00pm (Registration starts at 1:30pm)
Camden Function Room
#09-08 Camden Medical Centre
1 Orchard Boulevard
Singapore 248649


Admission is $10/pax.

 – Registration closed –

Dr Deborah Wong is a fully licensed medical doctor, an avid dancer and a trained Pilates Instructor. She first encountered Pilates over 10 years ago and it’s helped her improve her understanding of movement and reduced the low back pain she suffered.

At this event, Dr Wong will be discussing what exactly Pilates is and how it can help you have a more enjoyable pregnancy, an easier labour and a faster recovery after!


Dr Cathryn Chan is an an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with Astra Women’s Specialists. Her clinical interests include Reproductive Medicine and Infertility, and has had credible success rate in her fertility procedures. Dr Chan also provides expert medical services to both local and expat communities, as well as to insurance companies.

Dr Chan will be sharing how she diagnoses the common aches and pains women experience during pregnancy and how to deal with them.


Dr James Lee is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with Astra Women’s Specialists. He excels in managing women who suffer from disorders of the lower urinary tract and the pelvic floor. Dr Lee’s specialties include pelvic reconstructive surgery and vaginal surgery, laparoscopic surgery, male and female sexual dysfunction.

In his presentation, Dr Lee will be discussing common pelvic floor dysfunctions new mums face post-delivery and the available treatment options.


Ms Sylvia Ho is the Principal Physiotherapist at Core Concepts Physiotherapy Group. She has a Masters in Physiotherapy specialising in manipulative therapy often gives corporate talks on spinal health. Sylvia has vast experience in treating pregnancy-related pains.

At this event, Sylvia will be sharing the common causes of low back pain in pregnant ladies and the possible solutions. She will also be touching on re-training the pelvic floor post-delivery.

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