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Your First Visit

What do you need to prepare for your first physiotherapy visit with us

For your first visit to Core Concepts, please plan to arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment to see the physiotherapist. This time is for you to complete the registration process with us.

Referral Forms

If you were referred to us by your doctor, kindly bring along your referral forms. We will need to make a copy of the referral for our records. You will retain the original form for your reference and claims if necessary.

Medical Reports

If you have taken an MRI or X-ray, you may wish to bring the report along with you on the first visit (or subsequent visits). The film or CD containing the images is not necessary.


Insurance Claim Documents

Insurance claim procedures vary significantly across different providers. If you intend to claim from your insurers, it would be advisable for you to check with your insurer or agent on the procedures.

Assuming that your particular insurance plan covers physiotherapy, our physiotherapy treatment services is claimable and accepted by most, if not all, the major local and international insurance companies.

If a claim form is required to be filled by your healthcare provider, kindly pass us the form on your first visit with the appropriate declarations signed. You will need to pay for the treatment session first and subsequently claim from your insurer except for the following cases:

  • Letter of Guarantee issued by Insurer to us
  • Direct-Payment agreement with the specified insurer.

If you are unsure of your case, kindly ask any of our staff.


您可以通过以下3种简单的方式安排物理治疗或健身的预约,并选择您的首选日期,时间和诊所位置。 我们的工作人员将乐于为您安排最早及最适合您的理想预约时段。

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