Lumbosacral (low back) pain

Lumbosacral pain is located around the waist in the centre of the back, occasionally with pain felt in the back of your thigh. Prolonged and/or static postures such as standing, lifting, twisting and repetitive lifting tend to aggravate lumbosacral pain.

Lumbosacral pain is be caused by weight gain experienced during pregnancy that results in maladaptive postural changes, leading to excessive curvature of the lower back. This shift in load distribution, in turn, generates stress on the intervertebral disc, ligaments, facet joints and the other spinal structures. These stresses may exceed the trunk and pelvic musculature’s capability to compensate and thus contributing to pain. Abdominal muscles are further weakened due to overstretching of the muscles to accommodate the expanding uterus, thus placing extra strain on lower back muscles, resulting in pain and spasms.

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