Treatment Options

Pain Relief Medications: An Overview
07 May 2008, 6:48 am

Sometimes we are told to take something for the pain. There are quite a number of options out there in the market. Here is a summary of the major categories of pain relief medications available. Analgesics This class of medications encompasses pain relievers, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), which relieve pain without relieving inflammation. Be aware […]

Manual Therapy – Spinal Vertebra Mobilisation
08 Feb 2008, 12:47 pm

One physiotherapy modality is fast becoming de rigeur in the treatment of referred pain caused by stiff joints is manual therapy. Manual therapy is the mainstay of modern physiotherapy moving away from the dependency on Electro-Therapy Agents. These include Ultrasound, Short Wave and TENS as the primary treatment modalities. Referred pain is a very unpleasant […]