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Getting better is not just your physiotherapists, instructors or trainers’ responsibility. It is also yours, your care-takers and loved ones’. It is a collaborative effort that require everyone’s active understanding and participation.

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09 Jun 2009, 1:08 pm

The fitting of joints of the ankle with a prosthesis or an implant is known as an ankle replacement surgery. This is to replace the existing worn out joints. One of the major complications from it is loosening of the ankle joint due to overuse. Therefore, it is the elderly and relatively inactive are often […]

27 May 2009, 11:05 pm

Spasmodic torticollis is also called cervical dystonia. It is a neurological movement disorder characterised by involuntary muscle spasms and sustained muscle contractions. Dystonia can affect just one muscle or a group of muscles or all of your muscles. In the case of spasmodic torticollis, the muscles in the neck go into involuntary contractions. These sustained […]

27 May 2009, 7:28 am

Something a fair number of us do it. However, if it is overdone, it isn’t necessarily good. But oh, it feels so good. What am I talking about? Cracking your knuckles of course. Obviously, you are not really cracking your finger bones, so where does the sound come from? In a word, gas. Cavitation More […]

25 May 2009, 10:36 am

Pain in the back of the heel is a very common complaint amongst athletes whose sports require quick, sudden movements. This pain is due to the sudden, forceful pull of the calf muscle onto the Achilles tendon. This in turns pulls onto the calcaneal bone (heel bone) of the ankle. This pain is known as […]

22 May 2009, 8:14 am

 “Hi, Thanks for the great articles on sports taping. But I seem to have trouble finding them in the shops here in Singapore. I have seen some at the pharmacies here but they look different. Where can I get some?– Bee Koon Hi Bee Koon, Thanks for the kind words. Yes, unfortunately, good quality rigid […]

20 May 2009, 1:05 pm

Do you stand or walk like a limbo rocker? If yes, you may have sway back. Apart from slouching, sway back is another common bad posture that leads to back pain. Like most posture problems, it is easily correctable by treating and preventing its contributing factors. What is Sway Back? Sway back is almost the […]

18 May 2009, 11:11 am

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine all the muscles, nerves and ligaments that your therapist mentions, even when drawn out. Filmed at the Body World exhibition in Canada, the video below explains how the restrictions in the structures of your low back, core, and lower extremities can cause low back pain and a wide array of […]

13 May 2009, 10:57 am

Proprioception, hand-eye coordination and most physical body movements requires the human brain to coordinate the entire complex process. It is the brain’s powerful ability to change itself and adapt; and ways we might make use of that plasticity to heal injured brains and enhance the skills in healthy ones. This property enables us to improve on a […]

30 Apr 2009, 6:37 am

Sudden cardiac or heart events isn’t our usual areas of focus. Nor is it our speciality. But we came across a series of interesting materials recently that we thought is  interesting, if not important, to our readers and clients who are serious athletes. More so, given the the fact there has a been a spat […]

27 Apr 2009, 9:39 am

 “Hi, I am suffering from pain in my lower back. It has been going on for some time now, about 6 weeks of so. Hot packs and heat rubs don’t seem to be working as before. And it seems to be getting worse. I heard that Pilates and Tai Chi is great for preventing back […]