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16 Jun 2010, 8:16 am

Following up with our last Iliotibial Band (ITB) article, we have identified three conditions that contributes to the tightening of the ITB. They are: weak outer hip muscles, incorrect training methods and bio-mechanical gait issues. In this edition, we seek to address these three main problems; looking at strengthening those weak hip muscles, rectify those […]

15 Jun 2010, 11:55 pm

What Is Tennis Elbow? “Tennis Elbow” describes the pain located at the lateral aspect of the elbow. It is usually caused by overuse of muscles at the elbow that produces wrist extension (namely the extensor carpi radialis brevis – the ECRB), which leads to small tears and scarring of the muscles. Signs And Symptoms Interestingly, […]

11 Jun 2010, 8:00 am

The ulnar collateral ligament is a strong, fibrous band that maintains stability on the inside border at the base of the thumb. The ligament prevents excessive thumb movement away from the hand. How is it Injured? Injuries usually occur as a result of a sporting mishap. It is commonly seen in skier’s, footballers and rugby […]

09 Jun 2010, 5:13 am

One fear of runners is visiting a doctor for their injuries, and being told to stop running. This news article in the New York Times (Sports Injuries: When to Tough It Out) covers some of the issues surrounding the question,  “should I or shouldn’t I see a doctor for my pain?”. But the article left […]

04 Jun 2010, 11:37 pm

Wrist injuries are extremely common injuries. Typically they occur as the result of falling and landing on the wrist as you attempt to break your fall. This causes a traumatic injury to the ligaments and other soft tissues surrounding the wrist. What is a wrist sprain? Sprains occur when the wrist ligaments are forcefully stretched […]

29 May 2010, 11:36 pm

Recently, we have an article published on how to manage recurrent lateral ankle sprain. Now let us look at how to further reduce the incidence of your next sprain. Study On Eccentric Strengthening Of Ankle Evertor Muscles Herve Collado and fellow researchers from France found that rehabilitation focusing on eccentric strengthening of ankle evertor muscles […]

25 May 2010, 12:02 pm

A recent study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine by researchers from the Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Tsukuba in Japan found that excessive exposure to competitive sports activities during youth was associated with low back pain and symptoms in the lower extremities, with the severity varying with the sport. The researchers […]

19 May 2010, 8:00 am

Extensive physical and physiological changes take place in an expectant woman. This happens through the actions of the hormones, oestrogen, progesterone and relaxin. These changes create challenges, which should never be undermined. Hence it is important to understand the effects on the woman’s body during pregnancy to learn to cope with the challenges. Respiratory System […]

16 May 2010, 11:54 am

Dr William Roberts, “The Sports Doc” over at Runner’s World, recently wrote about barefoot running and the mechanics of it. Read his whole article here, “The Mechanics of Barefoot Running“ It complements our two articles, Running Economy and Professor Daniel Lieberman’s video (The Barefoot Professor: by Nature Video)

15 May 2010, 8:00 am

Tiger Wood’s recent unprecedented withdrewal with a sore neck in Round 4 of The Players Championship, 2010. Rumour mills have been suggesting he wasn’t playing to expectation. And as a result, he pulled out to save him from further embarrassment. Either that, or the sore neck came from the infamous car crash. Regardless, an inflamed […]