Wii Right, Wrist-Wise

Wii Gamers often complain about wrist injuries. Here are some exercises and holding technique that Wii gamers can follow to better protect themselves from Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).

Hold the Wii-mote in Neutral

Holding the wii-mote in a non-neutral position with the wrist slightly bent can cause a strain. (See DeQuervain’s Syndrome). The better way to hold the wii-mote is in a neutral position.

Wrist Position

Strengthen the Wrist

With the wrist in the right position, we need to look at improving the strength of the muscles supporting the wrist. Given the long periods of time that the wii-mote tends to be in use, the muscles must have both the strength and endurance to properly support the wrist. Below are some exercises that are specifically designed to improve these wrist muscles. Click on the image for a larger view.

1. Wrist Flexors Stretchx 
2. Wrist Extensors Stretchx 
3. Extensors Strenghteningxx
4. Radial Deviators Strengtheningxx
5. Flexors Strengtheningxx

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