Why The Cogwheel Model Doesn’t Work For Your Posture

30 May 2021
Shoulder impingment from slouched sitting position posture

Do you find yourself in a slouching posture?

You can use the cogwheel model of postural correction to help you get in the proper posture. However, some people may find it difficult to get into the posture for 2 reasons.

Firstly, if there is a kink in one of these cogwheels, the movement will not be smooth. As a result, compensation from other parts occur. These kinks may come in the form of a tight muscle or a stiff joint. The flexibility will need to be corrected with mobilisation techniques or stretching exercises. This is necessary before the cogwheel movements can be smooth again.

The second reason is because of a lack of muscle endurance. You may be able to pull yourself back upright. However, if the postural muscles do not have the endurance to maintain that position, you will easily find yourself slumping back into the old slouched, poking chin posture. Exercises for the relevant postural muscles to improve the strength and endurance will help to sustain a proper sitting posture.