Taping: Where To Get Rigid Sports Tape?

30 June 2021

 “Hi, Thanks for the great articles on sports taping. But I seem to have trouble finding them in the shops here in Singapore. I have seen some at the pharmacies here but they look different. Where can I get some?

– Bee Koon

Hi Bee Koon,

sports taping

Thanks for the kind words. Yes, unfortunately, good quality rigid sports tape are rather hard to find here in Singapore outside of sports injury clinics. We don’t really recommend the white tape found at the pharmacies here as they don’t usually carry the wider-tape stock and the adhesive (glue) of the white tape doesn’t last very long in our hot humid weather. With a little bit of prespiration, the tape will slip off. If you plan to use them for a game, they don’t stay on for more than a few minutes.

As we mentioned, you can find at sports injury clinics. This is the best option for buying a few rolls of tape. If you arelooking to buy in large quantities (e.g. a box of 30 rolls), you best get it from the supplier. In Singapore, you can get the tapes from B.C.H. Entreprise.

In your interested in knowing more about sports taping, we running a workshop on 5th June. For details, check it out at our facebook event page