When Should You See A Physiotherapist?

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Most people are unsure and don’t think they’ll ever need to see a physiotherapist in their lifetime, though it has been shown that the average adult can often benefit from seeing a physiotherapist. When you go for physiotherapy in Singapore, the aim is to address the root cause of your ailment and get you on the road to recovery.

To achieve this, physiotherapists device a customised treatment program that aims to help ease the pain, make it easier for you to cope with it, and finally, help you regain functionality of your back, neck, shoulder, or whatever was injured. A physical examination will be conducted to assess your muscle strength, tightness and mobility of joints. You will be guided with exercises and treatment techniques to stretch out muscles and strengthen them.

Each case is treated differently and treatment often needs to be tailored by the physiotherapist, because no single injury or type of pain are the same, and every individual heals in their own way.

How to Know that It’s Time to Book an Appointment

There are four ways you can check whether the ‘wait and see’ approach is appropriate for your condition before you book an appointment for a physiotherapy in Singapore.

If you are experiencing:

  • Constant, persistent pain that might not disappear on its own even at low level of intensity.
  • Severe pain for more than 3 days, despite the inflammation stage of healing had passed.
  • Moving differently since the injury such as walking, reaching, bending in a different way than you would
  • Easily reproducible pain with a specific movement, which might mean your injury has affected a specific part of your body

Sometimes, by putting things off, the damage done can become permanent. Thus, if you noticed a problem or have suffered an injury, pay attention to it and if it’s continuing to bother you, seek medical assistance immediately. For example, if it’s your lower back that’s bothering you, you should go see a physiotherapist for lower back pain treatment in Singapore. Otherwise, the pain might become worse and evolving into chronic pain.

It is not advisable to delay treatment. When it comes to muscles, ligaments, and joints, the more you wait to deal with the issue, the worse it is likely to get. This also reduces the likelihood of the condition becoming permanent or chronic. More importantly, by making a timely visit to a physiotherapist, you’ll be educated on what could have possibly caused the problem and how you can prevent it in the future.

Remember, small problems can grow worse if neglected over time. This is especially true for adults in their later years, who often think that some pain is only natural and comes with ageing because they are getting old. However, that’s not always true. Even if you’re no longer as spry as you once were when you were younger, there might be an underlying cause as to why you’re suddenly struggling to ride your bicycle or walk up the stairs.

When you decide to see a physiotherapist for that persistent neck pain or in other areas of the body, you can receive expert guide and help to diagnose your problem and a plan to tackle it. Your physiotherapist will work with you through a combination of therapeutic exercises, manual treatment techniques and patient education on your road to recovery. Their advice will prove invaluable in keeping you in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

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