Back Pain Relief for when your back hurts so much you can’t get out of bed

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back pain relief

If your back suddenly hurts so much even to move up into a sitting position to get out of bed, likely, your spinal joints are severely inflamed and your back muscles are spasm-ing (twitching). This severe pain may be preventing you from doing performing simple day to day activities. In this article, we explore simple methods that provide back pain relief.

If you cannot seek help from a medical professional to achieve back pain relief, here are some home remedies that you can perform to relieve the pain temporarily. However, it would be advised to consult with a medical professional at the soonest.

What you NEED to do – back pain relief

  • Reduce the inflammation:
    • Either take an anti-inflammatory medication (tablet or injection). GP prescription may be required.
    • If it is too painful even to go see the GP,
      • Apply a COLD press to the sore/painful area.
      • Take an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (e.g. Voltaren Gel / Tablet). This is a weaker form of anti-inflammatory medication than what you will get from your GP.
  • Rest to let your body heal and reduce inflammation naturally.

What NOT to do

  • Do not apply Heat (either through a hot pack or some heat rub) You will further aggravate the inflammation instead of providing back pain relief
  • Do not massage the sore area.

See your physiotherapist for lasting back pain relief only after it doesn’t feel so sore or painful the day after.

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