Understanding Persistent Pain Differently

These days, we deal more with chronic and persistent pain than we do with acute pain. Pain that has been ongoing for more than several weeks. Causes for persistent are not quite the same as those of acute pain, which often arise from tissue injuries such as sprains. However, pain often persists even long after the tissue has healed. Chronic pain is increasingly common even in young adults.

Tame the Beast – It’s time to rethink persistent pain

Above is a great video by Professor Lorimer Moseley and David Moen that gives us a different perspective on persistent pain and what we can do about it.

Pain is a warning signal from your brain that depends on credible evidence to say your body needs protecting. Sometimes it gets too protective and you get unnecessary warning signals.

Pain scientists now understand that there are many ways our nervous system ends up producing unnecessary warning signals. Take control impairment for example.

Source: www.tamethebeast.org/

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Understanding Persistent Pain Differently
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