Useful Tips To Being Able Run Pain-Free

31 March 2020

Recently our physiotherapist, Lenia, was featured in Shape magazine Jan 2010. Here is an excerpt from the article.

Shin splints are caused by weak shin muscles or faulty running biomechanics while plantar fasciitisis is the result of tight calf muscles that reduce the foot’s ability to absorb shock. Here are some tips to stay on track. 

Don’t Throw Your Shoes Out Too Soon

Chalk up 800km to 1000km before discarding your shoes. Switching to new shoes too soon makes your body re-adapt unnecessarily, which may increase your risk of injuries.

Review Your Running Style

It is better for long-distance runners to land on their mid-foot instead of the heel as it prevents excessive stress to the legs. running short distances under 5km? You are better off landing on your forefoot.

Stretch For Relief

Lower Calf Stretch for running

Do a lunge with the front knee bent. Straighten your other knee and make sure both heels are placed flat on the ground. You should feel a comfortable stretch on the calf of your back leg. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat 10 times.