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Stretches, Trigger ball and Foam Roller exercises for runners

Muscle tightness and stiffness are the unwanted constant companions of runners, especially after a long, hard run. They can affect the recovery of muscles, which means despite training hard, if not managed regularly and appropriately, can give rise to potential injuries such as ITB syndrome, low Back Pain, and even affect the your running mechanics.

In this article, I will introduce you to 3 effective ways to reduce muscle stiffness and soreness, aiding in the recovery of your fatigue body.

Stretching out the kinks

Stretches for runners,  would mainly be stretching out the back and leg muscles

Low back



ITB (Ilio-tibial band)


Gluteal muscles

Trigger point release with spikey ball

Trigger points are described as painful, tender spots in muscles that are can be felt as knots of bands of muscle fibres. These knots , when tightened after an exercise, can often lead to pain and loss of some mobility in the muscles. Common areas of trigger point tightness are found in the muscles of the low back, gluteals, ITB, hip flexors and between the shoulder blades in runners.
Low back



Between shoulder blades

Hip flexors

Muscle release with Foam Roller

Foam rollers, as the name implies, are large cylindrical rollers that are made up of foam (various densities) that are used widely to aid in stretching out tight muscles. Basically, the roller is placed under the muscle being released and rolled along the length of the muscles.





It is important to support your neck, and consider neck alignment as you complete such stretches to avoid causing other problems. If your unsure feel free to run by and check your techniques.

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